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"He's gotta have 2,000 horsepower in that thing!"
"Try 3,000!"
"Try five."
Luke Hobbs, Tej Parker and Deckard Shaw[src]

The 1971 Plymouth GTX is a car driven by Dominic Toretto in The Fate of the Furious. It is the fastest car in the series, with a top speed of 269 miles per hour.[1]

The Fate of the Furious


“This is a body style I've always been a major fan of. This car in black, with 16-inch wide rear tires and a stance that’s as low as we could physically accomplish, gives it a very dark and ominous presence. It's a perfect match for Dom in Fast 8. I would love to see Dodge bring back a retro version of the '71 GTX. If it came with a Hellcat motor and 6-speed manual transmission, I'd be the first in line to pick one up.” - Dennis McCarthy[2]