1993 Honda Civic EJ1
Make Honda
Model Civic
Body and chassis
Engine 1.8 Spoon VTEC
Body Mods Vader-Style Body kits
ViS Racing Bomber GT body kits
Tires Mashimoto ZX
License plate 4OZR093 (Dom's)
4ISX433 (Letty's)
4QMU951 (Leon's)
”Character Information”
Driver(s) Dominic Toretto, Letty Ortiz, Leon, Jesse (possibly)
Use(s) Hijacking semi-trucks
Status Inoperable & abandoned (Dom & Letty's); Survived (Leon's)
Film(s) The Fast and the Furious

The Honda Civic EJ1 is a minor car in The Fast and the Furious films.


Three Honda Civic EJ1s are driven by Dominic Toretto, Leon, and Letty Ortiz. They first appear when they drive up to hijack a semi at the beginning of the film. They are last seen when Dominic and his crew attempt to hijack one more semi. However, the attempt fails and Letty's Civic flips over and Dom's Civic's engine was blown by truck driver, with Leon's being the only Civic of the three to survive.


The Civics are equipped with green neon underglow lights and both Vader-Style Bodykits as well as ViS Racing Bomber GT body kits along with black paint jobs. Under the hood is a B-series 1.8 VTEC engine (B18series) and is equipped with a T66 Turbo with a Nitrous kit.