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The 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R is a major car driven by Brian O'Conner in 2 Fast 2 Furious.


Turbo-Charged Prelude

After having his 1991 Dodge Stealth impounded by officers in Dallas, Texas, Brian gets a ride from "The Girl" to a used car dealership, where he spots the Skyline. Brian purchases the car in cash with his previous winnings and drives it away. He later gives it a paint job, adds a GT-R badge to the grill, and works underneath the car in a garage.

He uses it to participate in more races, even being seen trying to be raced against by two bikers. Brian then reaches a fork in the highway, the left side going straight to New York while the right exit heads towards Miami, Florida. Brian drives to Miami, where he smiles after seeing some girls and then again as he spots a Toyota Supra and a Mazda RX-7.

2 Fast 2 Furious

Brian uses his Nissan Skyline to participate in the street race hosted by Tej Parker. He races against the likes of his friend Suki, and opponents Slap Jack and Orange Julius. Slap Jack's 1993 Toyota Supra competes against the Skyline successfully until he makes too wide a turn, allowing Brian to take the lead.[2]

The Skyline successfully makes the bridge jump and wins the race, but everyone is forced to flee when the cops show up. Brian is able escape most of them, but Agent Markham fires an ESD harpoon at the Skyline, shutting it down. The car is impounded following Brian's arrest by the U.S. Customs agent.[2]


The Nissan Skylines produced for the film were all R34s (the model itself was introduced back in 1998). The R34s in the films were powered by an RB26DETT 2.6-liter, DOHC, 24-valve straight six sitting longitudinally in the engine bay that's force fed by twin turbos and officially rated at 280 hp. The R34's engine feeds a six-speed Getrag gearbox that in turn sends power to the ATTESA all-wheel-drive system, which electronically varies the torque split.[3][1]

Super HICAS four-wheel steering is also aboard and includes an electronic feedback control system to ensure precise wheel positioning under extreme circumstances. But the big change for the R34 from previous Skylines was a stiffened body shell and fresh aerodynamic design. This car has carbon-fiber under-car diffusers and a new rear wing.[1]

The Skyline R34's suspension is tight. According to, it would take "a rear-quarter" from another vehicle for R34's rear end to lose control. The level of traction in the R34 makes "burnouts" in the vehicle isn't a "Caterpillar D9". The production crew responsible for the R34's removed the front driveshaft from the vehicle and disabled the Skyline's four-wheel steering "so it could misbehave like a regular car".[1]

Other features of the R34 include a C-West Body kit a blue long striped vinyl, HRE rims and a C-West spoiler wing. Brian's Nissan Skyline GT-R is equipped with 2.6 liter RB26DETT Twin turbocharger and the engine can push around 330HP (stock).

Engine Specs

  • HKS 2540 turbos
  • HKS Titanium exhaust
  • HKS downpipe
  • HKS 800cc injectors
  • HKS 264 cams
  • HKS F-Con Pro
  • HKS adjustbale cam gears
  • HKS SSQV blow off valves
  • Groupe M Carbon airbox
  • HKS gauges – boost, fuel pressure, oil pressure, coolant temp, egt temp
  • HKS turbo timer
  • Nitrous Express 150hp direct port system, custom designed with three 10lb carbon fiber nitrous bottles and remote electric openers
  • Mine’s cooling panel
  • Essential oil catch can
  • Motec ADL
  • Apex expansion tank


  • C-West body kit (fiberglass)
  • C-West full carbon rear wing
  • C-West carbon fiber canards (added after the movie)
  • Trunk had mock race-style fuel-filler ports by Atuki in Japan
  • House of Kolor “Platinum Pearl” paint


  • Toyo T1R Proxes 285/30/19 at all four corners
  • HRE 446R Wheels, 19 x 10 inches
  • StopTech 15″ front brakes with 6 piston calipers
  • StopTech 14″ rear brakes with 4 piston calipers
  • Stock 6-Speed gearbox
  • Ohlins remote-reservoir coil-over suspension
  • Nismo Titanium Strut tower bar
  • Nismo sway bars


  • Viper blue suede and new black leather upholstery
  • Custom made A-Pillar gauge mount pod
  • Custom made passenger dash 3-gauge holder
  • Apexi Power FC
    • FC Commander Part Number – 415-A030
    • Boost Control Kit Part Number – 415-A001
  • HKS “Indiglo” gauges (boost, EGT, oil pressure, oil temperature water temp, etc.)
  • Sparco Milano seats, custom matching fabric w/harness holes by Stitchcraft
  • Sparco harnesses
  • Sparco steering wheel
  • G-Tech Pro Accelerometer


  • Clarion VRX925VD in-dash TV/CD Changer controller, remote controlled
  • Clarion VMA7191 6” wide screen 2nd TV monitor in passenger airbag
  • Clarion VMA7191 6” wide scren 3rd TV monitor in trunk area
  • Clarion DSP9300 Digital Sound Processor, parametric EQ/Surround sound
  • Clarion CDC 655rz CD Changer
  • Clarion TTZ7501z TV Tuner
  • Three sets of Infinity Kappa 6.1 separates (mids, tweeters)
  • 2 JBL 1200.1 amps, 1200 watts each
  • 2 JBL P80.4 amps, 320 watts each
  • 2 JBL W12GTi 12” woofers
  • 2 Myron Davis bumper cameras
  • Custom fabricated lower door panels to house the seperates
  • Custom fabbed trunk for the woofers, amps and TV

Performance Stats

  • 420-450 Horsepower without nitrous
  • 0-60 in 4.2 seconds (on 19 inch street tires)
  • 0-100 in 9.0 seconds (on 19 inch street tires)
  • ¼ mile in 12.0 seconds at 122 mph
  • Top speed = 165 mph
  • Skidpad =.90 g’s
  • Slalom time = 61 mph
  • Curb weight = 3,845 lbs.



Turbo-Charged Prelude

2 Fast 2 Furious





  • The car was rented from technical advisor of the first two films, Craig Lieberman. It was originally black and then repainted by Craig and again for the movie. At first Craig did not like the muscle graphics added to the car, as the Skyline was a JDM Car. A total of five GT-R's were purchased and modified for the movie, while the "jump car" was destroyed after completing the stunt.
  • One of the R34 doubles that was used in the film is currently at Universal Studios Hollywood. As of 2015, it is shown as one of the vehicles in the Picture Cars section in the Studio Tour.
  • Originally, a Dodge Neon SRT-4 was considered to take the role of the Skyline. However, this did not happen, as fans wouldn’t have liked the SRT-4 at the time.