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A 1999 Toyota Supra MK IV JDM is a minor car featured briefly in Fast Five.


Fast Five

The car is briefly seen at a street race and Brian O'Conner and Dominic Toretto win it in a race and use it as a test vehicle to see if they can complete the track without getting caught by the security cameras. It is unknown what happened to the vehicle after.

Production Notes

The Supra is just crazy, and not necessarily in good ways. Remember the polished, bright orange, 10-second, street dragging hero car from the first film? This is nothing like that. Two JDM Supras were sourced for filming—one from San Diego and one from Atlanta, both in pretty rough shape—and were built identically with XXR wheels, matching body kits and interior components, and black paint. "We actually had to swap a USDM steering rack and pedal assembly into the stunt car," laughs Dennis. "That might’ve been the first time anyone’s ever done that." Underhood, the cars were left with their stock, naturally aspirated 2JZ-GEs, and when we caught up with the LHD-converted stunt car, we noticed that the right rocker panel had been cut out quite a bit. "That was so we could film Sam Hubinette’s heel-toe shifting and late braking," elaborates Dennis. He did all the insert shots’—anytime feet or hands were shown in the driving scenes."