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"Hey. That car is a hell of a car. You're talking about twin-turbo V8, spitting out 560 ponies, son."
Luke Hobbs to Tej Parker[src]

The BMW E60 M5 is a major car in The Fast and the Furious Series.


Fast & Furious 6

Dominic Toretto's Crew are supplied with multiple BMW E60 M5's by Luke Hobbs and the Diplomatic Security Service and they use them to watch over Owen Shaw as his team member is sent in with a wiretap. After getting alerts of alarms going off at Interpol Headquarters they use the M5's to chase after his team. One-by-one, their cars are destroyed by Owen Shaw's Team through various devices such as microchips that disable the car and Flip Car's. All except for Dom's model is totaled and they are later returned to the London Hideout where Dom tells them that they need cars "without computer chips that can be overridden".

They are described by Hobbs to have "twin-turbo V8's, spitting out 560 ponies" when in reality the M5 had a V10.


Otto's Private Army also use BMW E60 M5's and they use them to escort The Armadillo so Project Aries can be activated.