The 2012 Dodge Charger SRT-8 is a car manufactured by Dodge and featured in Fast & Furious 6.

Fast & Furious 6

Two facelift model SRT8s finished in grey are used as protagonist cars.

The Chargers appear in the headquarters' garage, but are only seen in action for the airstrip chase. One is driven by Dominic and the other is driven by Han. Han's Charger is the first to act; ramming the rear quarter of the Range Rover, spinning it out and helping clear a path for Dom. The other Charger used by Dom was then used to infiltrate the cargo hold of the plane. Han's Charger is then used to help bring the plane down, with a harpoon fired by Gisele from the passenger seat. The cable causes this Charger to be stuck to the Range Rover, thus tethering both cars to the plane, adding additional weight and preventing the plane from successfully taking off. The final act from a Charger is when Dom uses his Charger to burst out of the nose of, and escape the burning cargo hold area of the plane. The car is however destroyed as the car lost control following the hard landing and subsequently flipped over multiple times.[1]


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