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The Ford Mustang GT350 is a muscle car that is featured in F9. It is driven by Jakob Toretto.



As Dominic Toretto's Crew are being chased by the Military through a guarded area in Montequinto, a figure watches them from a vantage point as he stands next to his Ford Mustang. After Letty is knocked off her motorcycle, the figure speeds up in their Mustang and steals the first half of Project Aries which she was holding in her motorcycle. The figure is revealed to be Jakob, Dom's brother, who speeds off with the device.

Dom and Letty, who gets into the car, chase after Jakob through the minefield whilst two military helicopters follow them. Jakob is able to escape by driving off a cliff and being caught by a plane with a magnet mounted underneath it. It is unknown what happened to the car afterwards.


Jakob's car has a special 5.2-liter V-8--code-named Voodoo, which makes 526 horsepower and revs to a dizzying 8250 rpm. It is also fitted with stiffer race-ready suspension, lightweight carbon-fiber wheels, and more aggressive aerodynamic components.



  • It is seen in the original trailer being airlifted by Cipher after being driven off a cliff. Although in the actual film, Cipher doesn't fly the jet to extract Jakob, only the jet is shown extracting him with the pilot never being revealed as Cipher was being held captive by Otto.