A 2017 McLaren 720S was owned and driven by Deckard Shaw in Hobbs & Shaw. It was subsequently abandoned in the aftermath of the Attack on the CIA London Black Site, after Deckard, Hattie Shaw and Luke Hobbs used the car to flee from Eteon's pursuit.


Hobbs and Shaw

The 2017 McLaren 720S was a personal car owned by Deckard Shaw. Deckard drove the car to a nighclub in London in order to extract information from Lermotov. He later drove the McLaren to the CIA London Black Site in order to liberate Hattie Shaw, and later used the car so that he, Hattie and Luke Hobbs could escape Brixton Lore and Eteon's pursuit. After successfully evading capture, Deckard chose to abandon the car.[2]


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