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A 2020 Toyota Supra is a major car in F9, it is driven by Han Seoul-Oh and Jakob Toretto.



The Supra is driven by Han during Activation of Project Aries. After Dom and Letty take out Jakob and Otto's follow cars, Han and Mia arrive in the modified Supra and Mia activates the magnet, attaching the car to Otto's henchmen's STC Delta Didgori and forcing one of his henchmen to be held back because of his armour.

When Otto turns on Jakob and Dom saves him by pushing a car underneath him, Jakob climbs across the Delta Didgori and gets into the Supra. After detaching himself from the magnet he drives off in the Supra but soon returns when he hears Dom needs help. Together with Dom, they both activate their magnets and attach themselves to the side of the front of Otto's 18-wheeler. They force the 18-wheeler to flip over and Jakob just barely escapes before the Supra is crushed and destroyed.


Behind The Scenes


Trivia and Behind the Scenes

  • The car appears to have been modified to resemble Han's Mazda RX-7.
  • The car is fitted with a magnet in the rear that is used by Han and Jakob in the final showdown.
  • The car was likely sourced by Sean Boswell, Twinkie and Earl when Dominic Toretto sends Roman Pearce and Tej Parker to meet them in Germany to gets cars and gear.