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"Listen, Dom needed a safe delivered to Rio in two days; that was a problem. Hosting his family in the Dominican Republic? That is vacation. Anyone messes with you here... they're messing with the entire country."
―Armando to Mia[src]

Armando[2][3] (also known as Mando[1]) is an associate of Dominic Toretto and his crew.[1] He is a minor character in Furious 7.


Early Life

Armando is a close friend of Dominic and Han Seoul-Oh, with whom they became acquainted with some time before Toretto established his new crew in Rio de Janeiro.[1]

Fast Five

When Dominic and Han Seoul-Oh manage to purchase a bank vault that resembled the one Hernan Reyes was keeping his $100 million, Mando was able to have it delivered to their "safehouse" under two days.[1] Tej Parker questioned how they were able to obtain a similar vault. Han vaguely explained that they had "another life" before they met Tej and the others.[4][5]

Furious 7

Following the destruction of the Toretto House, Dominic contacted Mando and asked him to keep his sister, Mia Toretto and her son Jack safe. Mando met Mia, Jack and Brian O'Conner at the airport and brought them to his heavily guarded mansion.[1]

Speaking with Dominic on the phone, he explained that he had no problem looking after his family since he provided the bank vault they used to fool the Brazilian authorities and Diplomatic Security Service Agent, Luke Hobbs. He assured Dominic that if anyone tried to harm Mia and son, they would be dealing with the whole of the Dominican Republic. Mia remained in Mando's home until it was safe to return to Los Angeles with Dominic and her friends.[1]


Like Dominic, Mando is a family oriented man and is willing to do anything for those he considers blood or like family. A powerful man with connections, Mando "controls" the Dominican Republic.[note 1][3] He is able to aid Dominic in obtaining materials that would otherwise be inaccessible to the former criminal, and protect the ones he loves when isn't able to.


  • Romeo Santos compares Mando to his stage personality.[3]


  1. Romeo Santos: "He explained that "I'm Anthony; I'm a bit more timid, more reserved. This persona, Romeo, who is the alter-ego of Anthony, is somewhat like Armando. A man with power, very secure ... controls the Dominican Republic. I'm not saying that I control the Dominican Republic," he specified. "I have a good reputation, so I control a little part of it," he smiled."