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"Barstow is exotic to her!"
Roman Pearce and Tej Parker[src]

Barstow is a small city located in the U.S state of California.


2 Fast 2 Furious

Little is known about Barstow, but it is the hometown (and possibly birth place) of both Brian O'Conner and Roman Pearce. When Roman was placed under house arrest, he lived at a trailer home where he wasn't allowed to move beyond a hundred yards. Barstow also houses a derby at the Barstow Speedway where Roman participated for a short while.

When Brian was assigned a partner for his mission to apprehend Carter Verone so his name would be cleared, he chose Roman Pearce. Brian and Bilkins then traveled to Barstow where Brian found out that Roman was now a demolition derby driver and under house arrest. Upon meeting him, Brian and Rome began to fight as the latter wanted to acknowledge him as his friend. The two continued fighting until Bilkins made a deal the same way Brian was offered.


  • Barstow Speedway




  • The Barstow featured in the film was actually filmed at California City, California rather than the real Barstow. In fact, there is no real demolition derby in Barstow.