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"Do you know where God is? … In your heart."

Brian Marcos is the son of Dominic Toretto and Elena Neves, the stepson of Letty Ortiz, the nephew of Isabel Neves, Jakob, Mia Toretto and Brian O'Conner and the cousin of Jack and his younger sister.

Marcos was kidnapped along with his mother, Elena, and used to blackmail Dom into betraying his crew and cooperating with Cipher, a notorious cyberterrorist keen on starting a nuclear war. However, he was later rescued by Deckard and Owen Shaw. After the rescue, Dom named him after Brian O'Conner.

In 2022, Marcos was targeted by the Agency under the manipulation of Aimes after Dante Reyes, the son of fallen drug kingpin, Hernan Reyes, framed his father for a terrorist attack during a false flag operation in Rome. However, he was saved by Jakob, who took Marcos to Portugal to rendezvous with Dom. After a lengthy chase and being kidnapped by Dante, he was saved by Dom until Dante cornered the two at a dam. After Dante armed the explosives on the dam, the fates of Marcos and his father were left unknown.


Early Life

Marcos was conceived during the time his mother Elena was still romantically involved with Dominic Toretto. Shortly after Luke Hobbs reported that Dom's wife, Letty Ortiz, survived the assassination thought to have killed her, Elena learned she was pregnant. Elena gave birth to Marcos and proceeded to raise him on her own.


When Dom and Letty departed for their honeymoon, Elena intended to reveal the existence of Marcos when they returned from Havana. However, she and Marcos were kidnapped and subsequently used against Dom by Cipher to force him to work for her.

When Cipher allowed him to see Elena and Marcos, she explained the circumstances of his birth to Dom and that his middle name was "Marcos". She thought the honor of giving him a first name should go to his father and asked Dom to protect their son no matter what happened.

When Dom fails to cooperate with Cipher, Marcos' mother was killed by Connor Rhodes and Cipher continues to hold him hostage. Marcos is later rescued through the combined efforts of Deckard and Owen Shaw. This allows Dom to save Letty's life by making Rhodes miss his shot on her and then kills him, avenging Elena's death. Following Cipher's escape, Marcos is reunited with his father, who names him "Brian", after his friend, Brian O'Conner.[1]

Living in Isolation

Brian lives with his father, Dom, and his stepmother, Letty, at their isolated farmhouse somewhere near Los Angeles. He helps Dom repair a tractor and a water heater, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Tej, Roman and Ramsey. Not expecting company, Dom instructed Brian to hide as they planned, and Brian hid in a small crawl space in the garage.

That night, Dom is putting Brian to bed, and he asks where God is, and Dom tells him that God is in his heart. Letty gives Brian her cross necklace and asks him to keep it safe before leaving to join the rest of the team in Montequinto. Dom leaves Brian with Mia and joins the rest of the team.

However, Mia takes Dom's son to her and Brian home where they have a kid named Jack, and she tells Brian to take care of him before she leaves the home to join the crew, Dom felt disappointed when his sister decided to join his team, but Mia tells him that her children and Dom's son are in safe hands with Brian.

In an deleted scene, Dom called Brian in his phone and asked him to pass his phone to his son, little B, having a good conversation.

When the team are attacked in their warehouse, Dom has a vision of Brian asking when he'll be home.

When the team returned to Los Angeles, Dom takes Brian to the tracks and told him about how he learnt everything he needed in life on the track. They gather for a barbecue and Dom asks if Brian is ready to say grace, but Brian says he doesn't know how, to which Dom responds "say what is in your heart". Dom instructed Brian to hold as there is an empty chair next to Mia and they all turn to the driveway as Brian O'Conner arrives in his Nissan Skyline.

Targeted by Dante Reyes

Brian, Dom, and Letty now live in Los Angeles. After giving his son a driving lesson, Dom is surprised to hear his son tell him that he isn't afraid of anything. Dom and Letty hosted a barbecue for their family as Abuelita Toretto was visiting. Later that night, the three are visited by a wounded Cipher who was just attacked by her own team after Dante Reyes' forced them to turn on her and Letty has Brian stay in his room while the two talk to their enemy. While she's being taken to a blacksite prison by an Agency member, Little Nobody informs Dom and Letty that the mission Roman, Tej, Han and Ramsey went on in Rome is a trap set up by their enemy. Dom calls Mia to babysit Brian while he, Letty and Little Nobody head to Rome to save their crew.

Whilst Mia was babysitting Brian, they are ambushed by agents from the Agency sent after them by Aimes, and Mia fights the agents and is joined by Jakob who before revealing that Dom sent him to bring Little B to Portugal. Mia agreed and sent Little B to be with Jakob whilst she returned to Brian and her kids.

Jakob drove Little B in his old 1992 Ford Mustang to a gas station in the middle of nowhere where they changed clothes and created fake passports to travel with. Whilst on the plane, Jakob was given small bottles of liquor from a flight attendant associate of his and used it to power a jet that he had stored in the Cargo Hold of the plane. After fighting off Agency agents, Jakob and Little B escaped the plane in the jet.

After arriving in Portugal, Jakob revealed his canon car to Little B and the two used it to escape after being infiltrated by Dante Reyes' henchmen. They used the canons to take out enemy cars. Dom arrived in Portugal, dropping out of a plane onto the highway below them and was able to save Little B and greet his brother. Whilst driving through the tunnel, the mechanism got jammed, Little B climbed out to repair it. But before he could get back into the car, Dante kidnapped him. After reminding Little B of advice he gave him during a driving lesson, Little B was able to escape from Dante's car and get into Dom's car. As the chase continued, Jakob declared that he was out of the race and made a tough decision. After thanking Dom for showing him the light, Jakob launched another cannon and sent his car flying towards Dante's men, destroying their cars and sacrificing himself in the process.

Dom was instructed by Aimes to take the service road to the airfield. As Dom and Brian followed the road, they were boxed in on the bridge by two remote controlled trucks being piloted by Dante who was watching him from above. Dante revealed that he set this up and as the plane transporting Ramsey, Tej, Han and Roman arrived, it was shot down by Aimes who revealed that he was working with Dante since 2011, leaving the fates of the team unknown.

Dante then drove the trucks towards Dom and Brian, however Dom told him that he took everything from him except his car, and he drove his car off the edge of the bridge into the dam below as the trucks blew up. Dom and Brian survived the fall and swam up to the surface, where they had embraced. Unfortunately, Dante anticipated such turn of events and declared that now that the suffering was over, it was time for Dom and his son to be killed. He revealed that the bridge had been planted with explosives and he proceeded to detonate them, leaving Dom and Brian's fates unknown.





Known Inconsistencies

  • According to Elena, she learned she was pregnant with Marcos following the events of Fast & Furious 6; Elena and Dominic's relationship ends around the same time. Fast & Furious 6 takes place in 2013, following the events of Fast & Furious in 2009 and Fast Five in 2011. Considering that Brian is confirmed to be eight years old in Fast X, Marcos conception would likely have been in 2014.