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"Must be hard being so... human."
―Brixton Lore to Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw[src]

Brixton Lore was a super soldier and former MI6 agent who served alongside Deckard Shaw until he joined Eteon.

Brixton and Deckard fought in the past where Deckard won in the end and shot Brixton on the head, but Eteon saved him and equipped him with cybernetic enhancements. Following his defeat at the hands of Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, he was remotely killed by Eteon.


Early Life

Not much is known about Brixton's early life, other than that he had joined MI6 during his adulthood. He served alongside Deckard Shaw, particularly in Kandahar, Afghanistan. However, his worldview and perspective changed after countless missions. His apathy towards humanity and its actions caused him to be recruited by Eteon, who demanded that he recruit Deckard as well. However, when attempting to enlist his fellow agent, Deckard, under orders from MI6, put a bullet in Brixton's head, believing he had killed him.

However, Brixton survived the injury and his wounded body was recovered by Eteon, who implanted within him among other things, cybernetic and mechanical implants, optical and physical enhancements and prosthetic limbs, transforming Brixton into a super soldier. Brixton proceeded to follow Eteon's orders with loyalty, believing that Eteon's actions were paving the way to saving and steering humanity in the right direction. Brixton then assassinated Deckard's team and pinned the blame on him, forcing Deckard to become a fugitive and subsequently a mercenary.[1]

Hobbs & Shaw

Theft of The Snowflake

Eteon commissioned Professor Andreiko to create a pathogen capable of delivering vaccines. However, after the serum's completion, Eteon reprogrammed it into a virus, dubbed "The Snowflake", capable of eliminating half of the human population, those whom Eteon deemed weak. MI6 soon became aware of The Snowflake's existence, but were unaware of who created it. After managing to track The Snowflake's position, the agency ordered a group of agents to infiltrate the facility to obtain the virus, although with the added stipulation that they were to use electrical rounds on the soldiers guarding the virus, in order to interrogate them afterwards. After subduing all of the men, agent Hattie Shaw was sent into the convoy to extract and secure the virus.

Brixton intercepts the MI6 mission

However, Eteon dispatched Brixton to assassinate the agents and retrieve The Snowflake. As Brixton murdered the other agents, Hattie took the opportunity to escape from the facility, although not before injecting herself with the virus. Using one of the agent's radios to impersonate him, Brixton informs MI6 that Hattie attacked the other agents before fleeing with the virus. Brixton then warned his fellow soldiers to exercise caution when apprehending Hattie, and stressed the importance that Hattie should receive the brunt of responsibility for their crimes.[1]

Attack on the CIA London Black Site

Brixton attacks the CIA London Black Site

Brixton managed to locate Hattie after discovering that she was being held at the CIA London Black Site. Brixton proceeded to break into the building, kidnapping Hattie and scaling out the window and down the building. Luke Hobbs and Deckard decided to work together to liberate Hattie. After defeating the soldiers, Hobbs jumped out the window, with Deckard using an external elevator. Hattie managed to attack Brixton and free herself, and as he prepared to retaliate, Hobbs crashed into Brixton. Hobbs then fought with Brixton, although his cybernetic eyes were capable of tracking Hobbs' movements and countering them. Deckard then entered the fight, and the pair were surprised to see each other, Deckard having believed Brixton to be dead.

Brixton declares war on Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw

Deckard retrieved his 2017 McLaren 720S and, along with Hattie and Hobbs, attempted to flee Eteon's pursuit. Brixton was able to keep up with them using his custom motorbike, although Deckard tricked him into slamming into a bus. Despite being able to survive, his bike was disabled, forcing Brixton to temporarily abandon the pursuit and utter that there would now be war between them.[1]

Infiltration of Eteon Weapons & Biotech Facility

Brixton returned to Eteon Headquarters, where he spread a false story about Hobbs and Shaw, framing them for the attack on the CIA Black Site. The anonymous head of Eteon informed him that Hobbs and Deckard were to be apprehended alive, as Eteon wished to recruit them. Brixton attempted to remind them that Deckard had already refused once, but was forced to relent once he was threatened. Brixton was then notified that Madam M had captured Hattie and was outside the facility to deliver her. Brixton demanded to know if Hobbs and Deckard were with her, and threatened to kill Madam M if she was lying. As Brixton escorted Hattie towards the virus extracting machine, he became angered when Hattie suggested that he was killing people and committing crimes for the sake of money, furiously telling her that the crimes he committed was for the greater good of humanity.

Brixton tortures Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw

Brixton soon became notified that Hobbs and Deckard had infiltrated the building, and lay there in wait. After having the pair rendered unconscious, he electrocuted them several times, attempting to recruit them, and ultimately decided to kill them when they refused to join Eteon. However, his plans were impeded by the arrival of Hattie, who had escaped her restraints and had held Brixton at gunpoint, as she had overheard Brixton's gloating to Deckard of framing him. Brixton gleefully informed Hattie that the guns would not work without fingerprint authorization, only for Professor Andreiko to burn him with a flamethrower. As Andreiko incinerated and killed the other soldiers, the two Shaws and Hobbs began their escape, prompting Brixton to snap Andreiko's neck, killing him, and pursue the trio.

Brixton fights Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw

Brixton landed on the back on the truck that the trio were using to escape. However, as Deckard and Hobbs had placed an explosive timer within the building, the headquarters began to self-destruct, causing tons of rubble to fall on them. As Brixton dueled with Deckard on the back of the truck, Hobbs commanded Hattie to drive the truck while he aided Deckard. Despite the duo not strong enough to defeat Brixton, the ensuing rubble fell on him and the vehicle; while Brixton survived along with Hattie, Deckard and Hobbs, the machine required to extract the virus was damaged during the chaos.[1]

Battle of Samoa

Brixton undergoing painful maintenance

Due to the machine to extract the virus had been damaged, Deckard, Hattie and Hobbs traveled to Samoa to enlist the aid of Jonah Hobbs. Meanwhile, Brixton had his body repaired and Eteon managed to track their flight to Samoa, prompting Brixton and a handful of soldiers to travel there. As Brixton and Eteon's soldiers approached the Hobbs residence, Hobbs gave a Samoan war cry along with his brothers, triggering the Battle of Samoa.

Brixton encounters the Samoan defense

Since the extraction process took thirty minutes, Hattie sat out most of the battle, although she was forced to join when she was attacked by Eteon soldiers. Brixton was attacked but managed to disarm some of the Samoan warriors and use their weapons against them. Hattie was soon apprehended by Brixton, who kidnapped and brought her to his helicopter he called in earlier, forcing Deckard, Hobbs and his brothers to attach their trucks to the helicopter to prevent it from taking off, causing it to crash. Hattie survived the crash, along with Brixton and one of the soldiers. Brixton ordered the lone soldier to empty his gun into Hattie's heart once she had successfully expelled The Snowflake, and left to subdue Hobbs and Deckard.

Brixton challenges Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw

Hobbs and Deckard fought Brixton, but realized he was able to pinpoint their individual attacks and counter them, and was only able to be hit when they attacked at the same time. Deciding to truly work as a team, the duo announced that they would watch each other's backs and sustain a blow so that the other could attack Brixton, and managed to fight the super soldier, defeating him in combat. Deckard steals a gun from a dead soldier. With only a few seconds left on the timer, Hattie attacked the soldier, rendering him unconscious. She then recovered the vial containing the virus and rejoined Deckard and Hobbs. Due to Brixton's defeat, the anonymous head of Eteon chose to trigger the kill-switch embedded within Brixton's mind. Realizing what had been done, Brixton gravely let out a laugh before being killed, falling backwards off the cliff and into the rapids below.[1]


"Who the hell are you?"
"Bad guy."
Hattie Shaw and Brixton Lore[src]

Brixton Lore was a very ruthless individual, who possessed an "ends justify the means" personality. During his time as an MI6 agent, his experiences during countless missions caused him to adopt the perspective that humans were weak, and eventually came to embrace trans-humanism, believing that machinery was the next step to human evolution. Brixton was willing to use his influence over the media to deliver false narratives to suit this agenda, and was willing to unleash The Snowflake to eliminate half of the human population in an attempt to weed out those Eteon had deemed as weak and unworthy to survive. Despite willing to commit numerous crimes, he became angered when the insinuation of financial gain was brought up, furiously informing Hattie that he did not care for monetary desires.

Brixton also possessed a spiteful side, uttering that he would wage war with Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw after causing him to crash into a bus in order to escape his pursuit, and found glee while torturing Deckard that he had framed the latter in the past and enjoyed the fact that Hattie resented Deckard due to the lie he had cultivated. Following his defeat at the hands of Hobbs and Deckard, Brixton discovered that Eteon had triggered a kill-switch, prompting him to morosely chuckle and accept his fate.

Powers and Abilities


"You're not the man I knew."
"No. I am way better. I'm the future of mankind."
Deckard Shaw and Brixton Lore[src]
  • Cybernetic Enhancements: After being saved by Eteon, Brixton was implanted with a number of cybernetics, like a new spine, ocular implants, and mechanical bulletproof prosthetic arms, making him physically superior to average humans. The director of Eteon described Brixton as a unique war machine, and he has likened himself to an African-American Superman.
    • Superhuman Strength: Thanks to his cybernetic enhancements, he is much stronger than most humans. He could easily launch Hobbs and Shaw off their feet and send them flying with great force with just a single punch, as well as caving into the back door of a semi-truck with a few well-placed punches. His greatest feat with this power is when he has caught off the back half of a vehicle sent by Hobbs via an explosive and sent it back with not that much effort.
    • Superhuman Durability: He survived a fall from a multi-story high building and went through a glass pane without suffering any serious injury.


"Brixton's a tier-one assassin. Best I've ever seen. I know him. He ain't never gonna stop until he gets that virus."
Deckard Shaw to Luke Hobbs[src]
  • Peak Human Durability: Even before turning into super-soldier by Eteon, Brixton was incredibly durable as he was able to survive being shot twice to the chest and once to head by Deckard, although his survival was most likely due to luck.
  • Master Combatant: As an MI6 agent, Brixton was highly trained in combat. However, following his transformation into the hands of a super soldier by Eteon, he was able to use his fighting skills in conjunction with his mechanical prosthetic and cybernetic ocular implants, while using his enhanced strength and eyes to dodge his enemies' blows and counter them. However, he relied on his enhanced vision too often, which could only track one foe at a time, thus allowing him to become bested when Hobbs and Shaw attacked him in conjunction.





A scene from the trailer

  • A deleted scene shown in the trailer depicts Brixton's supposed date of death of having transpired in 2014. However, in the movie itself, Brixton's supposed death came at the hands of Deckard Shaw during the latter's time as an MI6 agent, which was years prior to 2014.
  • Brixton Lore is the third main antagonist in the Fast & Furious franchise to be killed, following Johnny Tran and Hernan Reyes and preceding Otto.


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