Hobbs&Shaw-Trailer (73)

Brixton Lore's custom bike

Brixton Lore's Bike was a custom motorbike build by Eteon for Brixton Lore's use.


Hobbs&Shaw-Trailer (74)

Brixton Lore using the bike in London

Following Brixton Lore's transformation into a super soldier with cybernetic implants, he was given a custom shape-shifting motorbike by Eteon for transportation purposes. Brixton used the bike to chase Deckard Shaw's McLaren 720S throughout the streets of London, driving over cars, only for Deckard to trick Brixton into driving over his McLaren and slamming into a double-decker bus. While Brixton survived the impact, the bike was damaged, allowing Deckard, along with Luke Hobbs and Hattie Shaw, to get away.

While returning to Eteon Headquarters in Russia, the bike was repaired, where it was used once again to chase Deckard, Hattie and Luke in their commandeered MAN KAT1. Once Brixton caught up to their truck, he abandoned the bike, which was presumably destroyed following the rubble that fell around the area during the destruction of the facility.[1]


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