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"The worst thing you can do to a Toretto is take away their family. That's what you did to Jakob."
―Buddy to Dominic Toretto[src]

Buddy is a former member of Jack Toretto's pit crew and mechanic who lives in Los Angeles. He was Jakob Toretto's primary caregiver after Jack's death and Dominic Toretto's arrest and continued to care for Jakob after he was exiled by Dom.


Early Life

At some point in his life, Buddy met Jack Toretto and became a member of his pit-crew for the stock car racing season. After an incident between Jack and Kenny Linder, Jack is killed after crashing his car into a wall at 120MPH and his car blows up as a result of Jakob tampering with the car to help Jack throw the race. Jack held Dom back as he watched his father burn to death. A week later he takes Dom and Jakob to the track to sign release forms and claim what's left of his car and he attempts to stop Dom from beating Linder with a wrench, his attempts of which fail. After Dom is taken into custody, Buddy watched over Jakob and his sister Mia Toretto.

Buddy with Jack before his death

Three years later, when Dom is released from prison, he races Jakob and wins forcing Jakob to leave town and Jakob stayed with Buddy for a while. Mia tracked Jakob down to Buddy's and would visit him often before Jakob fled and left a note not to follow him. Mia would continue her attempts to find Jakob but fail however Buddy would keep tabs on him.


Needing to find Jakob, Dom, with assistance from Michael Stasiak, returns to LA and drives to Buddy's garage. The two talk about old times and Buddy criticises Dom for his treatment of Jakob before telling him that Jakob is in London, encouraging Dom to make amends with Jakob.





  • In 2019, it was announced that Michael Rooker joined the cast as Buddy, but character details were unknown.[1]