Cara Mirtha is a member of Dominic Toretto's crew. A minor character in The Fast and the Furious franchise, Cara worked with Dominic during his time in the Dominican Republic. She had a brief relationship with Han Seoul-Oh.


Los Bandoleros

Cara accompanied Malo to the airport to pick up Han Soeul-Oh when he arrived in the Dominican Republic. During their wait she complained to Malo about not getting the right bag of chips, which he dismissed. When Han met them outside, she took an immediate interest in him. During a party at a secluded club where Dominic and a recently freed Tego Leo go to speak with a powerful politician, Cara, Malo and Han talk at the bar.

Cara and Malo make assumptions about Han's ethnicity, mistaking him for Chinese or Japanese based on his physical appearance. Han tells them he was raised in the United States and never been East of the Atlantic. When Cara asked how he met Dominic, Han briefly explained how they met each other in Mexico. Malo, realizing that the two were attracted to each other, asked if they wanted a room. Cara instead gives him her drink. She and Han leave the bar, presumably to dance or have sex.

Fast & Furious

Cara participates in the gas shipment robbery as part of Dominic's team. She is a passenger in her boyfriend's car and is responsible for locking on their vehicle to the oil tankers, which she does successfully before they escape with two tankers.

Later, when Dominic is handing out the money earned from the robbery, Dominic gives her her share of the money. She leaves with Tego and Rico, allowing Han and Dominic to speak in private. Cara presumably left with Han the following morning to avoid being hunted down by the police for her affiliation with Dominic.


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