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"Alright Dom, what's next?"
Tej Parker to Dominic Toretto

The Caspian Sea Bunker is a bunker located under the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan which is the base of operations for Dominic Toretto's Crew in F9.



After The Montequinto Recovery Mission, Dominic Toretto's crew are given the location of a Safe House in the Caspian Sea by Michael Stasiak, who did a favour for Dom. The team arrive at the bunker to prepare for their battle against Jakob and Otto. Dom instructs the team to split up, with Letty and Mia going to Tokyo to find Han, Roman and Tej going to Germany to meet the Tokyo Drift crew to get supplies for their mission, and Dom going to Los Angeles to meet with Buddy to find out where Jakob is.

After a series of events, the team return to the bunker, with the addition of a captured Jakob and Han and Elle, and hear Han's story of survival before the base is infiltrated by Otto and his team to recover Jakob. The crew escape one-by-one but Dom locks the others outside so he can fight the team, telling them that he'll always be in their heart. Dom fights the crew before he himself is stomped on. To avoid the guards from getting to Letty, he destroys the chains holding the bridge up, causing him and the guards to fall into the sea lock below.

Dom reflects on his past as he starts to drown but is then rescued by Letty who dives in to save him. Knowing that by having Project Aries and Elle that Jakob and Otto will destroy the world, Dom and Letty tell the team they have to stop him. They leave the bunker for good with Roman and Tej going to space to destroy Otto's satellite and the rest of the team chasing down Otto and Jakob in Tbilisi to save Elle and recover Project Aries.



  • The bunker originally belonged to Mr. Nobody who ran operations there with Jakob.