"Brian in a minivan. ... Things really have changed."
Dominic to Mia
blue 2013 Chrysler Town & Country is driven by Brian O'Conner in Furious 7.


Furious 7

It serves as Brian and Mia's family vehicle, Brian driving it at the start of the movie to drop his son Jack O'Conner off at pre-school. Brian has some difficulties operating the vehicle, such as using features as the button that opens the automated side doors as well as the fact that is an automatic transmission minivan. Brian also adds that he is scared of getting used to driving it.

Later on, Dominic Toretto remarks the fact that he is somewhat shocked to see Brian in a minivan, adding that things really have changed. However, Deckard Shaw, who had sent a package to their house from Tokyo, calls Dom after killing Han, and detonates the package, which holds a bomb. Brian immediately shuts the passenger side door and presses his body against it, the explosion cracking the side door window. However, both Jack and the vehicle itself are safe.



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