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"I didn't take that football to start a war any more than I took your son to start a family. Taking your son got me the codes. The codes will get me the nukes and the nukes will get me what I want today, tomorrow, and every day after that."
―Cipher to Dominic Toretto[src]

Cipher is the alias of a notorious cyberterrorist with multiple connections to the criminal underworld. Cipher possesses a desire to initiate a nuclear war to gain control over the world's superpowers. She blackmailed Dominic Toretto into betraying his crew when she kidnaps Elena Neves and her son, Marcos, using them as leverage against him to get him steal the necessary components.



Cipher is an adept hacker, one who has managed to keep her identity from becoming public knowledge, thus making herself a full ghost and at some point, she met Connor Rhodes and he became her right-hand man and second-in-command, thus being her most loyal ally. While not unknown, she has managed to fool other hackers and government authority into thinking she is an organization and not a person. Cipher travels constantly and scrubs her digital footprint from known databases frequently.[1]

Some time in the early 2010s, Cipher employed mercenaries Owen Shaw and Mose Jakande. She hired Owen Shaw to steal several military-grade components that would allow her to create a "Nightshade" device, a tech-bomb that functioned like a Electromagnetic Pulse after his brother, Deckard Shaw refused.[2][1] She also tasked Rhodes to keep an eye on him and his team, thus pretending to work for him only. Owen was also working with Arturo Braga who moved "guns, drugs, and money" out of the country for him, possibly even for Cipher.

Mose Jakande was hired to steal the God's Eye, a surveillance program that allowed an individual to track anyone anywhere on the planet by proxy of other devices such as cell phones and public security cameras.[3] While both Mose and Shaw were able to capture or gather the components necessary, they were eventually thwarted by the efforts of Dominic Toretto and his crew in assistance with Diplomatic Security Service agent, Luke Hobbs.[2][3]

In an act of revenge, Cipher kidnapped former DSS agent Elena Neves, and her son, Marcos, with the intent of using them against Dominic, a man motivated to action by his loyalty to family.[1]

The Fate of the Furious

"That's the thing about fate. It's cunning."

Cipher meets Dom in Cuba

Cipher meets Dominic Toretto in Havana, Cuba, posing as a woman having trouble getting the engine for her car to start. When Dominic stops to help her, she pretended to be none-the-wiser to his identity, manipulating the situation so that he would talk to her.

When she asked how his honeymoon with his wife was going, she revealed she removed a necessary component from her car to lure him in. Cipher tells him that he is going to work for her. When Dominic refuses, Cipher gives him a cell phone that presumably showed him Elena and her son, Marcos. She later departs, anticipating when they would go up against his crew, warning him not to tell anyone about their conversation.

Following Dominic's betrayal of the team and the theft of the EMP device in Berlin, Germany, Cipher tracked the location of the God's Eye down to Mr. Nobody's blacksite and attacked the base with Dominic. They steal the God's Eye from the base and Cipher takes the opportunity to kiss Dominic in a show of her superiority when Letty questions her husband's actions.

Cipher infiltrates Mr. Nobody's base

Following their departure from the government base, Dominic starts to question the intentions behind Cipher's plans. In a move to silence him and to show him that she was in control, Cipher showed him where she was keeping Elena and Marcos captive. She allowed him to speak with Elena before sending him to New York City to retrieve the nuclear launch codes for a Russian submarine in the possession of the Russian Minister of Defence.

When Dominic feigns engine troubles, Cipher's immediate view of Dominic is blocked by a truck and she grows suspicious. She is unaware of Dominic's meeting with Magdalene Shaw to save his son and Elena, and monitors his activity when prepares to steal the launch codes she desires. Cipher hijacks the computer chips of all the cars in the city and uses them against the motorcade protecting the Minister of Defense. When his car his nearly crushed by the vehicles under her control, Dominic is able to clear the briefcase containing the launch codes. Dominic is intercepted by his crew, and Cipher merely urges him to escape as she can do nothing to help him.

Dom threatens Cipher after Elena's death

Dominic isn't able to escape, and Letty is able to steal the briefcase from him. Cipher watches as Dominic hesitates to kill Letty and learns from her enforcer, Connor Rhodes, that Dominic rescued his wife from certain death at Rhodes' hand. Cipher enters Elena's cell and taunts Dominic with his child. Instead of letting Marcos be executed, Cipher lets Rhodes execute Elena in front of Dominic. Cipher sends Dominic to Russia to use the EMP device to disable a nuclear submarine, which allows Cipher to hijack it.

Cipher evades capture after her plan fails

Cipher is able to take control of the submarine and tries to lead the submarine to deep water. Hobbs and the crew make a concentrated effort to stall her efforts. She is caught off guard by the arrival of Owen Shaw and his brother Deckard (who she was led to believe was killed by Dominic) when they board her plane to save Marcos. When the timer for the nuclear missile launch is pulled from the submarine, Dominic turns against Cipher and kills Rhodes. An outraged Cipher pursues the team and tries to kill them with the submarine. She fires a infrared missile on Dom's car. Dominic redirects the missile toward the submarine and destroys it. Deckard reaches the front of the plane and attempts to kill her as revenge for her actions to him, but Cipher escapes by parachuting out of the plane as Shaw is forced to save Marcos from being flown out of death. She is still at large and Mr. Nobody believes Cipher was spotted in Athens, but won't have the power to nuke anymore cities soon thanks to Dom and his crew as they celebrate with a barbeque in their new home at New York.


"Say you get what you're after. A weapon that's so dangerous it shouldn't exist for another half century. What would you do with it? Launch some global attack? Sell it to the highest bidder? Or maybe you see yourself as a necessary shock to the system?"

At some point between The Fate of the Furious and F9, Cipher is apprehended by Mr. Nobody. He keeps her captive on a plane that is then intercepted by Jakob Toretto and Otto who attack the plane and extract Cipher. They keep her held hostage in their Base of Operations to keep her from interfering with their plan to steal Project Aries.

Cipher convinces Otto to work with her instead.

After stealing the first half of Project Aries in Montequinto, Jakob meets Cipher in his base and she tries to convince him into working with her instead, but Jakob declines as he doesn't work for the competition. Cipher explores Jakob's relationship with Dom and she lets him know where to find the other half of Project Aries, in Edinburgh, and she lets him know that Jakob has no chance of survival now that Dom is involved.

After Jakob is apprehended by Dominic Toretto's Crew in Edinburgh, Otto regroups at his Base of Operations and Cipher convinces him to work with her and the two decide to double cross Jakob. Cipher assists Otto from their Base when he intercepts Dom's safe house and frees Jakob and she watches as Otto and Jakob launch a satellite into Orbit and activate Project Aries with Elle's DNA. Cipher, realizing that the plans are nearly failing, decides to finish the mission herself.

Cipher joins forces with Otto

When the satellite is destroyed, Cipher flies in on a jet in one last attempt to kill Dom, who has boarded Otto's 16-wheeler truck, the Armadillo. She is able to blow up the truck but only kills Otto, Dom is able to get out at the last minute and the truck ricochets into Cipher's plane and blows it up. Although seemingly dead, it is revealed that Cipher was flying the jet on a computer simulator and she is able to disappear once again in defeat.

Nevertheless, despite escaping once more, Dominic Toretto and his crew celebrate another successful mission by holding a barbeque back at 1327, which is being rebuilt, while Jakob Toretto goes into hiding from his former enemies.

Fast X



"Because the truth is, Dom... I am the crocodile at the watering hole."

Cipher is a notorious powerful, tenacious, manipulative and psychopathic woman, described by Mr. Nobody and Ramsey as "the ultimate definition of high-tech terrorism". She is driven by primarily the greed, the want to own everything she can get her hands on. Her knowledge of computers and general tech rivals that of Ramsey, the creator of the God's Eye, and she is equally informed about cars. Her influence within the technological world allows her to major access within the criminal underworld.

Cipher is arrogant, with a tendency to gloat about her perceived victories, which blinds her to the smaller details. Cipher is content to work in the shadows and orchestrate schemes behind the scenes, her reputation palpable enough to make other hackers fear and respect her. Cipher does not value family or honor, and views those who work alongside her (willingly or otherwise) with a mindset similar to that of Owen Shaw (a means to an end). Cipher is a believer in choice theory and accountability. Both beliefs are intrinsically tied to her need to control situations and people using exploitative methods.


  • Master Tactician: Cipher is a master tactician, using her know-how to deal with dangerous situations and remain ahead of her enemies. Her skill allows her to invade the Mr. Nobody's blacksite, and using Dominic, she was able to steal the God's Eye device, which she later used to track Dominic's crew down to their location. As the spearhead of her operations, she directed Dominic from the safety of her airplane and was able to take control of the electronic mainframe of multiple vehicles from a great distance. While apparently rare, Cipher is able to and has dealt situations that require her direct intervention, but is otherwise content to rely on the skills of others to carry out her plans, preferring to keep her distance from conflict whenever necessary. In addition, Cipher is an extremely manipulative individual, using underhanded tactics to get what she wants and disposing of others when they prove a liability for her plans.
  • Marksman: Cipher has some experience with firearms and explosives. She was able to use a series of concussive grenades to disorient Mr. Nobody and Dominic's crew in order to successfully invade the blacksite without much resistance.
  • Skilled Pilot: Cipher also has some experiencing with flying, as shown when she pilots a plane inside a computer simulator. She was able to use the plane's magnet in an attempt to kill Dominic Toretto inside the Armadillo before she is able to fire four missiles at the vehicle, moments before Dom manages to slip away and steer it in front of the plane's range destroying it. Having piloted a plane inside a simulator, this was presumably to continue escaping once more rather than piloting it in person.

Vehicles Driven

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F9 UAV Stealth Jet






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