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David Park is a minor character in Fast & Furious and an affiliate of Arturo Braga David is portrayed by Ron Yuan.


Fast & Furious

Dominic Toretto tracks down Park through a mutual acquaintance as he attempts to find the owner of a car running nitromethane that killed Letty. He breaks into Park's apartment and holds him out of the window in an attempt to find the boss. Unaware to Dom, Brian O'Conner is also tracking Park for the FBI and finds him through his choice in car which is a 2000 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R. Brian arrives at the apartment whilst Dom is there, and Dom lets park go after being given information about Arturo Braga and Fenix Calderon. Brian then takes Park in for questioning and he is able to get Brian a spot in the race to join Braga's cartel as a driver.



Park upholds a tough attitude to those who cross paths with but in reality is easily scared, as seen when Dom holds him out of a window and threatens to drop him to the ground.





  • Ron Yuan's screaming when he is being held out of the window is genuine as he is afraid of heights.

Vehicles Driven

Film Car
Fast & Furious Nissan Silvia S15