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"It's a tie between number six and five. I'm leaning toward five. Unbelievable destruction. Fifteen to twenty cars a day. Nonstop."
―Dennis McCarthy

Dennis McCarthy is a vehicle builder and modifier who runs a company called Visual Effects. He is the Picture Car Coordinator of all the Fast and Furious films since The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and was responsible for building all of the cars for those films.


The general way it works is a producer calls Dennis and pitches the movie idea, then sends him the script, and he figures out the best possible cars to use to match the personalities of the actors and the story and the terrain, plus how many cars will be needed. He then has to coordinate with the stunt-department's needs, the special-effects side, get the logistics on locations, and hire drivers, car carriers, and big flatbeds. During the build process, Dennis will keep in contact with the director and producers, showing in-progress photos and sometimes having an artist do a rendering of the final product. In fact, the director might not see the actual car until the day of filming because it was finished just the day before—like in the case of Furious 7. They were bolting pieces onto the car while it was on the trailer and the paint was still damp. [1]


  • Dennis began work with the franchise starting with Tokyo Drift and replaced Craig Lieberman who used to be the Technical Advisor of the films.