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Members of Dominic Toretto's team: Dominic Toretto, Letty Ortiz, Roman Pearce, Tej Parker and Ramsey.

"I don't have friends. I got family."
Dominic Toretto[src]

Dominic Toretto's Crew, simply known as the Crew or Team, are a group of individuals affiliated with former criminal and convict, Dominic Toretto.[1]



Dominic Toretto's criminal activity was brought to the attention of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation when they began to attack trucks transporting major electronics such as televisions and DVD player manufactured by Panasonic.[1] The crew used modified 1995 Honda Civic Coupes that were recognized by the six robbed truck drivers by their neon-green lights on the underbelly of the cars. The money made off of the six scores prior to the appearance of Los Angeles Police Department officer, Brian O'Conner, was used to support their activities in the illegal street racing circuit, locally owned businesses (Toretto's Market & Cafe, and local garage) and general livelihoods.

However, following the failure of the seventh truck theft, Dominic and his crew, Leon, Letty Ortiz and Vince were forcibly separated by circumstances involving O'Conner's status as an undercover cop and strife between Toretto and Johnny Tran. Following the death of their mechanic, Jesse, Toretto departed Los Angeles and fled to Baja, Mexico. Letty Ortiz remained in Los Angeles and was presumably never charged for her involvement in the theft of the trucks or street races.[2] Vince recovered from his critical injuries and left the United States, eventually traveling to Rio de Janeiro.[3] The whereabouts of Leon are currently unknown.


During his time in Mexico, Dominic befriended a fellow street racer, Han Seoul-Oh. From there they established a relationship and Han began “running” with Dominic, traveling with him to places in South America. After Han and Dominic parted ways, Han returned to the United States, Dominic relocated to Rio de Janeiro.[4]

At some point Toretto met and befriended Rio locals, Rico Santos, Tego Leo, Cara Mirtha and Malo. The group began running with Toretto, pulling off scores to make money for their families and community.[4]

Oil Tanker Heist

When Leo was arrested for unspecified reasons, Toretto and Rico were short a man. Dominic later contacted Han Seoul-Oh, who arrived in Rio to aid in Toretto's group latest heist: Robbing a oil tanker with the help of a businessman named Elvis.[4][2]

Following Leo's escape from prison and Toretto's reunion with Letty Ortiz, who had been searching for him since his departure from Los Angeles, the group successfully stole the oil being transported by the tanker.[2] After taking their share of the money, the group parted ways. Dominic separated himself from Letty Ortiz after he was informed by Han that the local authorities were looking to arrest him after their garage was raided.[2]


After learning Letty Ortiz was killed during an undercover stint for the FBI, who were investigating Arturo Braga, Dominic Toretto returns to Los Angeles and infiltrates the Braga Cartel with Brian O'Conner, who had placed Letty undercover as per her request. Dominic later is sentenced to Lompoc prison for twenty five years to life for killing Fenix Calderon, who was thought to have murdered Ortiz.[note 1] Brian O'Conner and Dominic's sister Mia Toretto, break Dominic out of a prison transit bus that would've taken him to Lompoc prison.


"There's always room for family."
Dominic Toretto to Vince[src]

On the run from the authorities, the trio escape the United States and retreat to Rio, where they reunite with Vince, who has been in contact with Dominic.[3]

After scrubbing a car heist organized by Hernan Reyes, they are framed for the deaths of two DEA Agents. When Vince attempted to secure information from the stolen Ford GT40 that Reyes wanted, he is exiled from the group by Dominic. Wanting revenge for being framed by Reyes, O'Conner and the Torettos decided perform one last job before retiring. They decide to steal Reyes' $100 million from his drug deals to start new lives in countries without extradition treaties with the United States.[3]

They recruit the likes of Roman Pearce, Tej Parker, Gisele Yashar and Han Seoul-Oh, to pull the operation off. After attacking one of Reyes's safe houses, they scare the businessman into relocating all of his money into one location. Vince is killed during the ambush set up by Reyes's men when the crew is arrested by Luke Hobbs and his team. However, Hobbs decided to assist the team after his DSS team were also killed in the ambush. Following Vince's death and the success of the heist, Reyes is killed. Hobbs gives the team a head start, allowing them to escape with the money. They crew go their separate ways with their share of the money and start new lives outside the United States.[3]


"Life is binary. Zeroes and ones. Only two things keep a group like this together-- fear, or loyalty. And I don't see a drop of fear among you guys."

Toretto's team is called to action by Diplomatic Security Service Luke Hobbs to use their abilities for the law by helping him catch Owen Shaw, a mercenary looking to sell a military grade weapon called Nightshade to the highest bidder.[5]

Hobbs uses information regarding Letty Ortiz's affiliation with Shaw to bring the crew to London where Shaw is currently residing. Dominic and his crew agree to help in exchange for full pardons. After securing the Letty and the Nightshade weapon from Shaw, they are cleared of their past crimes and are officially allowed to return to the United States and live in Los Angeles.[5]

When Han Seoul-Oh is seemingly killed by Deckard Shaw in Tokyo and bombed the Toretto House is destroyed by a mail bomb sent by the elder Shaw, Dominic is recruited by Mr. Nobody, an associate of Hobbs to rescue a hacker named Ramsey.[6]

Mr. Nobody obliges the request that Dominic use his own crew to secure the hacking device, the God's Eye, and Ramsey before she is apprehended by Mose Jakande, in order to use the God's Eye to locate and kill Shaw. Following the death of Mose Jakande and the defeat of Deckard, the crew returns to the United States. Brian and Mia officially retire from the team to continue their lives as mother and father to their son, Jack.[6]


While Dominic and Letty travel to Havana, Cuba for their honeymoon, Dom meets a lone stranded traveller who is having car trouble. She soon reveals herself to be an enemy of Dom named Cipher who then shows her something on a phone that coerces him into helping her. Luke Hobbs then asks the team to travel Berlin, Germany to help him with an unauthorised mission to recover a stolen EMP. As they escape, Dom side swipes Hobbs car and steals the EMP which he delivers to Cipher. Hobbs is then arrested where Mr. Nobody returns and offers to help him get out of prison if he agrees to his crimes with Hobbs denies.

While in prison, Hobbs crosses paths with Deckard Shaw who is pleased to see that the tables have turned. Hobbs and Shaw are eventually involved in a prison riot started by Mr. Nobody and eventually escape where it is revealed it was all a ruse to get them both out of prison. While on Cipher's plane, Dom learns that not only is his ex-girlfriend Elena being held hostage, the son that they conceived is also with them and that if Dom makes one move they'll both die. It is also revealed that Cipher was behind Owen Shaw and Mose Jakande, as they were working for her before Dom stopped them, thus why she turned her sights on him.

The rest of the gang, minus Dom, are brought together by Mr. Nobody and his associate Little Nobody to help find Cipher which they agree to after learning Dom is working for her. Mr. Nobody also brings Deckard to help them to which they initially disagree with before they are attacked by Cipher and Dom and Deckard saves Ramsey's life, becoming an ally. The gang learn that Cipher and Dom are headed to New York City and follow them where they are brought to the Toy Shop, a vehicle warehouse that they have to their disposal.

When Cipher and Dom attack an armed Russian Motorcade, the gang sets out in their selected cars (Bentley Continental, Corvette Sting Ray, Subaru BRZ, Mercedes AMG, Jaguar F-Type) to stop them. This leads to a full on car chase throughout New York where the gang harpoon Dom's car before his attempt to escape results in the destruction of all of their cars including his. Letty attempts to steal the nuclear football back from Dom but is stopped by Connor Rhodes, the second-in-command of Cipher who was tasked to keep an eye on Owen Shaw's team, thus pretending to work for only Owen. Dom allegedly kills Shaw but it is later revealed that this was a ruse set up by Dom and Deckard's mother.

The gang then travel to Vladovin, Russia where Cipher and Dom plan to shutdown a military base so they can take control of a submarine. This is successful however the gang is able to stop Cipher from causing a nuclear war. The gang escape and it is revealed that Shaw is alive and along with his brother save Dom's son. Dom then turns on Cipher, killing Rhodes and joining his crew until he eventually destroys the submarine using Cipher's own heat seeker. The gang reunite and celebrate in New York where Deckard becomes a member of their team.


Ramsey, Tej and Roman arrive to Dom and Letty's safe house with news that Mr. Nobody has been involved in a plane crash in which Cipher was extracted from the plane. Mr. Nobody also sent, just to them, an SOS message with the location of his plane crash for them to find. Dom is hesitant, claiming that things are different now that he is a father, however Letty leaves without him to join the rest of them. After Dom discovers a connection between Mr. Nobody's attack and someone from his past, he calls Mia who arrives the next morning to pick up Little Brian and Dom joins the rest of the team.

The team arrive in Montequinto and find half of a device called Project Aries in the wreckage of Mr. Nobody's plane. They are then attacked by the military, who are guarding the area, and they flee in their cars. Roman's car is crushed and he continues the escape with Tej and Ramsey in Tej's 2020 Jeep Gladiator. They just barely escape by crossing an old bridge which collapses. Letty is knocked off her motorcycle and loses the device which is captured by Dom's brother, Jakob Toretto, who flees in his 2015 Ford Mustang GT350. Dom and Letty chase after Jakob in Dom's 2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat and Jakob escapes by being caught by a plane with a magnet underneath. To avoid further attack from the military, Dom is able to swing his car across a ravine by getting it caught on an old rope from the bridge. Dom's car is flung across the border and the military call off their attack.

With the help of Michael Stasiak, the crew arrive in the Caspian Sea at a bunker that used to belong to Mr. Nobody. They are joined by Mia, who Letty called, and then split up. Dom first goes to Los Angeles to see an old member of his father's pit crew who tells him that Jakob is in London. Dom goes there next and with the help of Queenie Shaw, he arrives at a party at Hatfield House hosted by Jakob and his partner Otto. Dom pulls a gun on Jakob and is then arrested by Interpol for attempted murder in an embassy. The Interpol agents are revealed to be an old acquaintance of Dom, Leysa, and her crew. They give Dom a gun with Jakob's biometrics and free him. Tej and Roman go to Germany where they meet Sean Boswell, Twinkie and Earl who can provide them with cars and weapons. They demonstrate their rocket powered Pontiac Fiero which blows up upon finishing its demo. Mia and Letty go to Tokyo to find information on Han, who they discovered was working with Mr. Nobody, and they cross paths with Elle and the trio fight rogue agents before being saved by Han, who is still alive.

Dom, Ramsey, Tej and Roman reunite in Edinburgh where they track Jakob using his biometrics and they witness he and Otto stealing the second half of Project Aries. Otto escapes in his 2019 Jaguar XE and Jakob escapes by zip-lining between buildings. Ramsey, Tej and Roman chase after Otto in a truck with a magnet in it and Dom follows Jakob before climbing onto the roofs and fighting him. Ramsey runs Otto off the road and catches Dom and Jakob as they fall to the ground. Jakob tries to escape in a 2012 Toyota GT86, but Ramsey uses the magnet in the truck to capture him. Otto escapes and the team take Jakob to their Caspian Sea bunker. The team reunite with Han and Elle who tell their stories and the base is then infiltrated by Otto's team who free Jakob and recover Project Aries and Elle, who is the key to activating it. Dom exclaims that Jakob does not deserve the Toretto name and Jakob gets angry and tells Dom what really happened to their father. Otto's men attempt to kill the team but Dom is able to kill the agents by almost sacrificing himself. They realize that nothing will stop Otto now and that they have to destroy their satellite which has been launched into Orbit before they can upload Project Aries to it.

Dom, Letty, Han, Mia and Ramsey chase after Otto and Jakob in Tbilisi whilst Tej and Roman take the rebuilt Fiero into orbit to destroy the satellite which they do by almost sacrificing themselves. Han and Mia save Elle from captivity and Jakob is double crossed by Otto who is now working with Cipher. Dom and Mia save Jakob from death and Jakob flees in Han's 2020 Toyota Supra. However, touched by his siblings’ compassion, he redeems himself and returns to help Dom flip The Armadillo. Dom and Ramsey board and cancel the upload of Project Aries. Cipher flies in on a jet but Dom is able to ricochet the Armadillo into it and blow it up, however it is revealed that she was flying it remotely and she is able to escape again. With Otto now dead, Jakob attempts to return Dom's Charger to Dom but he allows him to keep it to go into hiding and the rest of the team, including Elle, Sean, Twinkie, Earl and Leo return to Los Angeles where they have a barbecue together before Brian O'Conner arrives in his Nissan Skyline.

Known members




The following is a list of individuals who are affiliated with Dominic Toretto's crew but are not members of it.

Name Years Active Role Status
Luke Hobbs 2010-2017 Diplomatic Security Service Alive
Elena Neves 2010-2013 Polícia (formerly)
Diplomatic Security Service[6]


Unknown-Present Unknown Alive
Mr. Nobody


2014, 2017 Government Agent Unknown
Owen Shaw


2017 Criminal Alive


2019 Support Alive
Sean Boswell


2019 Support (providing cars and gear) / Mechanic Alive


2019 Support (providing cars and gear) / Scientist Alive


2019 Support (providing cars and gear) Alive
Jakob Toretto


2019 Ally Alive


The following is a list of individuals who are enemies of Dominic Toretto's crew.

Name Years Active Status
Johnny Tran 2004 Deceased
Lance Nguyen 2004 Unknown
Carter Verone


2005 Incarcerated
Arturo Braga


2009 Incarcerated


2009 Deceased
Hernan Reyes


2010 Deceased


2010 Deceased
Mose Jakande


2014 Deceased


2014 Deceased


2013-Present Alive
Connor Rhodes 2013-2017 Deceased
Otto 2019 Deceased


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