Agent Markham with the ESD custom grenade launcher.

The ESD Harpoon Launcher is a EMP-based weapon in 2 Fast 2 Furious.[1]


The EDS Harpoon Launcher functions not unlike a real-life Electromagnetic Pulse. The basic concept of the weapon is that it can disable the engines of vehicles using electronic components such as computer chips. The ESD fires a harpoon that can penetrate the frame of a car and scramble the car system depending on the output the controller uses to amplify its power.[1]


The ESD Harpoon Launcher[1] is used primarily against criminals fleeing from police or U.S. Customs authority. When attempting to catch former Los Angeles Police officer, Brian O'Conner, U.S. Customs officer, Markham used the ESD Harpoon Launcher on his Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. The Harpoon disables O'Conner's car, allowing the FBI to apprehend him.[1] Later, when assuming O'Conner and Roman Pearce are attempting to escape, the ESD Harpoon Launcher is used again, this time on O'Conner's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII.

The harpoon only partially connects to the vehicle, allowing its controllers marginal access to the Lancer. Leaning outside of the driver side of the Lancer, O'Conner to tears the harpoon out of the side of the car before the EMP can be completely triggered and disable the car.[1]


  • The ESD Harpoon Launcher is a fictional weapon created specifically for 2 Fast 2 Furious. According to director John Singleton, the weapon was automatically assumed to be a legitimate weapon by the viewing audience.[2]




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