The Eagle Speedster is a minor car bought by Tej Parker in Fast & Furious 6.


Fast & Furious 6

The black Eagle Speedster was purchased by Tej Parker at an auction during the crew search for cars that could aid them in their hunt for Owen Shaw. However, the car is never used, and its current status and whereabouts are unknown.


The Eagle Speedster is a bespoke custom built over a Jaguar series 1 E-Type (also known as the XKE).[1] Eagle replaces the original 3.8-liter engine with an all-aluminum 330-horsepower 4.7-liter inline six-cylinder, running triple SU carburettors and producing 310bhp at 4800rpm and 330lb ft of torque. Also, the original Jaguar 4-speed transmission has been swapped with an aluminum case 5-speed gearbox. The car weighs about 1,008kg (2225lb), about 250kg (550lb) lighter than a stock open-top E-Type.[2]


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