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Elvis, As seen in "Los Bandoleros" , Prelude to Fast & Furious

("Elvis appears in the short film Los Bandoleros where he informs Dominic Torreto of a truck filled with gasoline thus starting the film Fast & Furious where they steal the truck.")

This takes place in the prelude to Fast & Furious. Gas prices are way to high to afford in the Dominican Republic and people can't live without gas. Dominic, Han, And Santos bust Leo out of prison and meet up with Elvis. Elvis informs them about a job to steal gas tankers and give them away. Dominic accepts the offer stating that his crew is ready. After, in Fast & Furious, in the beginning scene the crew is seen unhooking gas tankers and taking them from the truck. Later on after this scene, Dominic hands each crew member their payment while they are giving away the gas.

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