"Perfection is a painful process, Brixton, in ourselves and in the pursuit of a perfect world. Humanity must evolve before it destroys itself. Eteon will carve out all human weakness.. and replace it with mechanical perfection. And you will lead the way."
―Director to Brixton Lore[src]

Eteon is a terrorist organization with vast resources that created The Snowflake, a virus designed to eliminate half of the global population, and also granted ex-MI6 agent Brixton Lore with superhuman abilities.


"Eteon. They're a secret tech cult with a mercenary army and plenty of dark money. And delusions of saving the world by augmenting the human race."
Deckard Shaw[src]

Not much is known about Eteon, its leaders or its true intentions. Eteon's known agenda is trans-humanism, converting humans into enhanced individuals via cybernetic and mechanical implants, citing that humans are naturally frail. In addition to this statement, Eteon believes that at least half of the human population on Earth is weak and unworthy, and therefore developed The Snowflake virus to eliminate them, with the belief that eradicating the weak humans would be beneficial to human evolution.

Following Brixton Lore's defeat at the hands of Deckard Shaw and Luke Hobbs, who gained possession of The Snowflake, Eteon's anonymous leader informed Deckard and Hobbs that their fight was not over yet.[1]


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