Fast and Furious: Super Cars is an arcade game developed and published by Raw Thrills. Super Cars is very much like the last two arcade games, The Fast and the Furious (2004) and The Fast and the Furious: DRIFT, and they had the same 18 courses from the last two arcade games, plus they add the nine courses from The Fast and the Furious: Super Bikes.

Easy Tracks:

Mojave- A Race through the Mojave Desert

Times Square- A Race from the Brooklyn Bridge to Times Square

Hawaii- A Race in Hawaii

Chinatown- A Race through Chinatown, San Francisco

Shinjuku- A Race in Shinjuku, a part of Tokyo, Japan

Sturgis- A Race to Mount Rushmore

Baja- A Race through the Baja Desert

Florida- A Race through Florida

Switzerland- A Race in Switzerland

Medium Tracks:

Monaco- A Race through Monaco

New England- A Race through the hills of New England

Malibu- A Race in Malibu, CA

Shibuya- A Race to Narita International Airport

Kyoto- A Race through Kyoto, Japan

Chicago- A Race of Chicago, IL to Wrigley Field

Sado- A Race through Sado, Japan

LA Ghetto- A Race of a Ghetto part of Los Angeles, CA

Shanghai- A Race in Shanghai, China

Hard Tracks:

Central Park- A Race from Central Park to Fort Knox

Detroit- A Race through Detroit, MI

Takayama- A Race through Takayama, Japan

Nagano- A Race through Nagano, Japan

San Francisco- A Race to the Golden Gate Bridge

Hollywood- A Race through Hollywood

S.F Tour- A Race to the piers of San Francisco Bay

Chinatown EX- Harder Chinatown

Mulholland Dr- A Race Down Mulholland Dr

Featured cars:


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