Firuz[1] was an associate of Owen Shaw's team. A minor character in Fast & Furious 6, Firuz was a mechanic working in London. He built Owen two customized ramp cars that were later used in London and Spain.



Firuz was an associate of Owen Shaw. A mechanic that worked in London, he built Owen two customized ramp cars that were presumably used in Owen's scores in Berlin, Germany[2] and Moscow, Russia.[1] In addition, Firuz created specialized weapons for Owen.

Fast & Furious 6

Dominic Toretto and his crew discover that Firuz was responsible for the construction of the ramp cars that Owen and Vegh used during their first encounter with the crew. When Han Seoul-Oh, Roman Pearce, Gisele Yashar and Riley Hicks are sent to gather information from Firuz, they spy him using a harpoon gun he planned to supply to Shaw. Han and Roman originally intended to speak with Firuz, however, Gisele decides that she and Riley should go as Firuz is a man. After their initial approach he is unperceptive but they pin him down and force him to tell them information about Shaw.[1]

He takes them to his office where he secretly calls Shaw, allowing him to hear the conversation. Shaw promptly sends Ivory, Letty Ortiz and Jah to deal with him. When they arrive and begin shooting at the office. Firuz is shot several times, But Ivory and Jah miss the opportunity that to kill Gisele and Riley. Gisele, realizing that Firuz was dying, tells him that she will make Shaw pay if he helps her. Firuz manages to utter the name "Braga" before he dies.[1]




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