Agent Fusco was a DSS federal agent. He was on Luke Hobbs's Team who's job was to capture Dominic Toretto's Crew in Fast Five.

Fast Five

Agent Fusco is a member of Hobb's team and helps disassemble and consequently reassemble the stolen car in the hope of finding what is missing and finding a lead on the whereabouts of Dominic and his team. Fusco is present during the subsequent chase and kills Reyes' hitmen alongside his fellow agents. He accompanies Hobbs to the 'meeting' with Toretto and after being threatened by Dom's fellow Brazilian street racers he and the team leave, but not before Tej places a tracking device on the agents' truck. After the tracking signal is reversed Fusco and the rest of Hobbs team turn up at the garage to arrest Dom, Mia , Brian and Vince .  

On their way to the airport, however, they were suddenly ambushed by Reyes men, led by Zizi. One of them fires a rocket-propelled projectile at Fusco's veichle, sending it hurling off the road. As he lies injured, 2 grenades is suddenly thrown aside him as Hobbs watches on helplessly. He casts a final glare at his boss before they explodes, killing him in the blasts.

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