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"Girl still got that swing, homie."
―Hector to Dominic Toretto

Hector is a street racer and race organizer who appears in The Fast and the Furious & Furious 7.


The Fast and the Furious

Hector organizes and attends the original race in which Dominic and Brian participated, which was later interrupted by the police. Brian begins investigating Hector and Tran's activities and is convinced that Hector or Tran are behind the hijackings. He believes his suspicions are founded when he discovers an unusual purchase made by Hector at Racers' Edge (the parts shop where Brian works). Hector later throws a party at El Gato Negro but his whereabouts after this party are unknown. 

Furious 7

After returning to Los Angeles with a clean record Dominic takes Letty to Race Wars hoping to jog her memory. After Letty races and wins, she is crowded by people chanting which causes her to feel uncomfortable and experience a surge of faded memories. When Hector grabs her arm, she turns around and punches him, proceeding to drive away right after. Dom and Hector share a few words about Letty and how Hector is glad to have him back. Hector is not seen again after this.


  • Hector told Brian that he has a last name but he cannot pronounce it.
  • Brian got caught breaking into Hector's garage by Dom and Vince.
  • Hector was supposed to have a large role in Furious 7, being a main character and joining the family, however the film was rewritten.
  • Hector's actor, Noel Gugliemi, appeared in several other films in which he portrayed a character named Hector.
  • Noel has expressed interest in returning for future instalments.