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"Hey! We got to move. Now!"
―Ivory to Adolfson[src]

Ivory was a member of Owen Shaw's team who appeared to act as an assassin for Shaw.



Ivory was presumably a member of Shaw's team when he attacked a major military convoy in Berlin, Germany in 2010[1], during Letty Ortiz's earliest tenure as a recent addition to the team. Two years later, Ivory and the other members of Shaw's team worked together to collect a series of major military and government components to create a Nightshade device that could take out the power grid of an entire country. Shaw's intention was to sell the Nightshade device to the highest bidder.[2]

Fast & Furious 6

In London, Ivory and the rest of the team attacked Interpol headquarters where a list of locations to where the final competent for the Nightshade device could be located on several military bases. Ivory presumably acted as back up for Adolfson, who protected Vegh as she led Jah, Denlinger and Klaus away from Interpol headquarters, with sniper cover for them above.[2] After Adolfson's attempt to kill Gisele Yashar was thwarted by Han Seoul-Oh, Ivory told Adolfson it was time to move.

Ivory and the team grow suspicious of Letty when they learn that she is connected to Dominic Toretto, though she denies ever knowing him on account of her amnesia. When Shaw is contacted by their mechanic associate, Firuz, Shaw sends Jan, Ivory and Letty out to silence him. Letty is unaware that Ivory and Jah mean to kill Firuz until they open fire on him. Ivory and Jah are able to kill Firuz but miss the opportunity to kill Gisele and Riley Hicks. When Jah is pursued by Roman Pearce and Han, Ivory attempts to escape on a motorcycle. He tries to shoot Gisele as he escapes. Gisele is able to shoot him in the back and kills him.[2] When Letty and Jah return to Shaw's headquarters, Letty reports Ivory's death. Shaw, showing little remorse for Ivory's end, tells her that Ivory's death was a result of his mistakes.





  • Roman Pearce considers Ivory his "evil twin" on account they are the handsome black men of the team .[2]
  • Ivory is the only antagonist of Fast and Furious 6 who died not in the finale of the film.