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"You know the only good thing to come from Dad dying? If he hadn't, I'd have spent my entire life in your shadow. And now you're gonna spend the rest of yours living in mine."
―Jakob Toretto to Dominic Toretto[src]

Jakob Toretto is the middle child and son of Jack Toretto, the brother of Dominic and Mia, and a former agent of Mr. Nobody. He was exiled from his family by his brother after it is revealed that he tampered with his father's car causing him to crash and die in an explosion. Jakob grew up in Dom's shadow and always sought revenge for what happened, eventually betraying Mr. Nobody and going rogue to steal a device called Project Aries after he was convinced by his colleague, Otto. Jakob eventually shared the truth about their father's death and was accepted back into his family.


Early Life

In 1989, Jakob and his brother Dom worked on their father's pit crew for the last stock car race of the season. Jakob worked under the hood whilst Dom argued with a member of rival racer Kenny Linder's pit crew. As Jack raced, his car collided with Kenny's causing him to hit a wall at 120MPH and kill him when his car burst into flames. Dom and Jakob both watched as their father died in front of them.

Jakob being instructed to tamper with his father's car

After the crash, Kenny came to the tracks to pay his respects to their father however Jakob told him to leave and after being insulted by Jakob, Dom shows up and attacks Kenny, almost killing him with a socket wrench. Jakob watched as Dom got arrested and processed for the attack.

Over the next two years, Jakob had become a popular street racer within the LA street racing scene and had won most of his races. Dom, who came to the realization that Jakob was partially responsible for their father's death and has been released from prison, challenges Jakob to a race in which if Dom wins Jakob must leave LA for good. Jakob tries to talk Dom out of racing him, but Dom refused unless Jakob reveals that he was the last one to service dad's car. Not wanting to get his reputation ruined, Jakob agrees to race. Dom wins and Jakob leaves town, only keeping in touch with his sister, Mia Toretto for a while.Jakob would keep tabs on Dom and his family, and whenever they would take down an enemy it would pave the way for Jakob to take over their territory

At some point, Jakob began working for Mr. Nobody but eventually turned rogue when he was convinced by the son of a wealthy billionaire, his colleague Otto to betray Mr. Nobody to steal Project Aries after he met him. Jakob changed allegiances and formed an organization with Otto as the financial supplier. Otto sent rogue agents after the creators of the device, who were subsequently killed, to recover the first half of it. However the device had already been recovered by Han Seoul-Oh, who saved the creators' young daughter Elle, from being killed and subsequently went into hiding with her.


"The brother you’re looking for... he's from an old life. He's long gone."
"All I see is the same scared little kid that killed our father."
"That's your mistake. The spy game... this is my world."
―Jakob Toretto and Dominic Toretto[src]

After devising a plan to steal Project Aries and use it to launch a satellite to take control of the world’s computer systems, Jakob and Otto's agents attack a plane belonging to Jakob's former employer, Mr. Nobody, that is carrying Mr. Nobody himself and Cipher who has been apprehended by the pair. In addition to that, Mr. Nobody is carrying Project Aries with him. Jakob and Otto extract Cipher from the plane but are unsuccessfully in obtaining Project Aries as Mr. Nobody divided it in two. The plane crashed somewhere in Montecinto, Central America, leaving Mr. Nobody's fate unknown. Mr. Nobody is able to send out an SOS message which was intercepted by Ramsey, who delivers the news to Dom and Letty Ortiz with Tej Parker and Roman Pearce.

Jakob and Otto take Cipher to their Base of Operations and lock her in a glass cage to keep her from interfering with their plan.

Jakob comes face-to-face with Dom

Dominic Toretto's Crew travel to the crash site and are able to find the first half of the device however Jakob and his private army attack the team. Dom and the team escape with Project Aries however Jakob is able to steal it from Letty resulting in a chase between Dom and Jakob and the rest of the team. In addition to that, the area is guarded by mercenaries who chase after Dom and Jakob through a field of landmines which they narrowly avoid. Jakob drives his Ford Mustang off a cliff where it is caught by a jet with a large magnet mounted to it, allowing Jakob to escape with the first half of Project Aries.

Jakob returns to Otto’s Base of Operations where he meets up with Otto, who is funding the operation. He talks with Cipher who tries to convince Jakob into working with her instead, however Jakob declines, citing that he doesn't work for the competition. Cipher and Jakob discuss Jakob's relationship with Dom and she asks Jakob whether he could kill Dom. She then lets him know the location of the other half of Project Aries, Edinburgh, and lets him know that now that Dom is involved, he has no chance of making it out of this situation alive.

Jakob and Otto attend a party at Hatfield House which is hosted by Otto's wealthy family and Dom shows up with help from Magdalene Shaw, coming face-to-face with Jakob for the first time in 28 years. Otto issues Dom a warning by informing him of how powerful his family is. Dom and Jakob nearly come to blows after Jakob makes Dom the same offer Dom made him in 1991, telling him to get as far away from his world as possible. Otto arrives with Interpol Agents and has Dom apprehended, and Dom is able to get a gun that has Jakob's biometrics imprinted into it so he'll be easier to track.

Jakob travels to Edinburgh to recover the second half of Project Aries. Using an electromagnetic field emitted from a large magnet in the back of a truck, Jakob is able to disrupt security systems and steal the second half. Ramsey, Tej and Roman steal the truck and chase after Otto in his Jaguar XE SV Project 8 whilst Jakob zippiness from building to building but is intercepted by Dom.

Dom and Jakob fight

Dom throws Jakob into a building and the two fight. The fight continues onto the streets of Edinburgh and on top of busses and trucks. Ramsey throws Otto off the road and Dom tackles Jakob onto the truck driven by Ramsey, and Jakob evades Dom and steals a Toyota 86 and tries to escape. Ramsey, Dom, Tej and Roman chase after him and Ramsey activates the magnet, apprehending Jakob.

The team keep Jakob captive in a cell in their safe house and Jakob listens to Han's story about how he survived his attack. Otto infiltrates the safe house with his army and frees Jakob and Jakob reveals that he was the rogue agent who betrayed Mr. Nobody. Dom tells Jakob that he doesn't deserve to have the Toretto name and Jakob gets angry and reveals what really happened to their father when he died. He reveals that he tampered with the race car because their father told him to, as part of a plan that went horribly wrong. Their father was going to throw the race, as he was in serious debt. Jakob never told the truth because Jack told him to not say anything of it and Jakob promised their father he wouldn't. Jakob and Otto kidnap Elle, the key to activating Project Aries, and take the second half of Project Aries.

While Otto launches a satellite into Orbit, Jakob has Elle activate Project Aries and they hold her hostage in an armoured 16 wheeler whilst driving through the streets of London waiting for the satellite uplink to upload.

Jakob and Otto launch a satellite into space

The truck is intercepted by Dom and his team, minus Tej and Roman who have travelled to outer space to destroy the satellite, and Jakob is double-crossed by Otto who reveals he is now working with Cipher. Jakob realized that Otto and Cipher were his true enemies all along. Jakob fights Otto's right-hand man, Sue and is thrown off the truck but he is saved by Dom and Mia. Jakob uses Han's Toyota Supra to escape. However, touched by his siblings’ compassion, he redeems himself by returning to help Dom and Ramsey gain access to the Armadillo after overhearing them struggling to penetrate or stop it. After Otto is accidentally killed by Cipher, who is flying a jet to attack the team, Dom ricochets the truck into her jet and blows it up, bringing the battle to an end (though a defeated Cipher escapes once more since she piloted the jet in a simulator back at Otto's base). Jakob arrives in Dom's Dodge Charger and gives the keys back to Dom. Dom tells Jakob that he was once given a second chance when Brian O'Conner gave him the keys to his Supra and so Dom gives Jakob the keys to his Charger, finally forgiving him for his role in their father's death. Mia promises to keep in touch with Jakob and he leaves in the Charger to go into hiding from his enemies.


"East L.A. is a tough enough place to grow up. But it was your brother's shadow that turned you into this. Isn't it? So your whole life, you pushed yourself to be faster than Dom. Smarter than Dom. Stronger than Dom. Tell me, do you hate him enough that it keeps you up at night? Still? All these years later? I should've just hired you instead of coercing your brother a couple of years back."
Cipher to Jakob Toretto[src]
  • Peak Human Condition: Jakob, as a master thief, assassin and high-performance driver, is in exceptional physical condition, not dissimilar to his brother. According to Cipher, he has pushed himself his whole life to be faster, smarter, and stronger than Dom. He is strong and fast enough to match his brother in physical combat and withstand blows from him with only minor bruises and also injure him to a similar degree, despite Dominic only ever being surpassed by Luke Hobbs and Klaus.
  • Expert Marksman: Jakob is highly skilled in the use of firearms, particularly pistols and launchers.
  • Expert Combatant: As a master assassin, Jakob is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, his skills being able to match Dominic in a fight, his style incorporating professional wrestling maneuvers. He also demonstrated proficiency in ground fighting against Lieutenant Sue.
"You got a brother? Who also happens to be some kind of super spy with his own private army, who drives literally like a bat out of hell, who preplanned an aerial jump and landed at the bottom of an airplane? Who does that?"
"Who does that? A Toretto."
Roman Pearce and Tej Parker[src]
  • Expert Driver: Jakob is a master high-performance driver, like his brother.



Jakob aiming his pistol at his brother

  • Grand Power X-Calibur: Jakob was seen pulling his sidearm on his brother, but he was quickly disarmed.
  • Kimber Warrior SOC (TFS): Jakob pulled his backup sidearm on his brother after being disarmed.
  • AR Launcher: Jakob is seen using a launcher fitted on an AR-style receiver to fire a zip line.

Vehicles Driven

Film Car
1992 Ford Mustang
2015 Ford Mustang GT350
2012 Toyota GT86
2020 Toyota Supra
1968 Dodge Charger Hellacious





  • Otto(former manipulator and ally)
  • Sue(attempted killer)
  • Cipher (former ally)



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