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"You will never be alone again. I vow wherever you go, I go. You ride, I ride. You fight, I fight. And if you ever die on me, Dominic Toretto, I'm gonna die with you."
―Letty Ortiz[src]

Leticia "Letty" Ortiz is the wife of Dominic Toretto, sister in-law to Jakob and Mia Toretto, and the stepmother of Brian Marcos. Letty Ortiz is the childhood sweetheart of Dominic Toretto, turned street racer, mechanic, and thief.

When she volunteered to go undercover to expose Arturo Braga for the FBI, she was nearly killed and suffered from temporary amnesia as a result. She was later reunited with her family when Luke Hobbs of the Diplomatic Security Service recruited the likes of Dominic Toretto and his crew to stop Owen Shaw.


Early Life

Letty was presumably born and raised in the same neighborhood as the Toretto family, taking an interest in cars when she was ten years old. Dominic, a fellow car enthusiast like his father, "always had her attention". When she became sixteen, Dominic took romantically interested in her. She lived down the street from them.[note 3]

Letty became involved in street racing in her teens. When she was fifteen years old, she participated in a street race against Dominic which resulted in both of their cars crashing. She managed to pull Dominic from the wreck of his car, almost losing her arm in the process.[2]

When Letty was a teenager, she and Mia were caught up in an escape attempt somewhere in Boyle Heights. When they got trapped in a corner, Letty drove her car, a Ford Torino Cobra, through a retaining wall.[2][note 4]

The Fast and the Furious

"You want ass, why don't you hit Hollywood Boulevard?"
―Letty Ortiz[src]

Letty and Dom making love

Letty is introduced as Dom's girlfriend and they have been friends since childhood. Although Letty expresses some concern about Dominic's carjacking scheme, she participates in every robbery. She is seen at Race Wars where she races and beats a fellow racer. In the end, during a botched highway robbery, she rolls her car and is injured but is saved by Leon and survives.

Los Bandoleros

Five years after the events of The Fast and the Furious, Letty tracks down Dom in the Dominican Republic and they reunite. Letty rejoins Dom's crew, who are planning to hijack a Gas Tanker to provide free gasoline to the people of the D.R. At some point, Dom and Letty also marry.

Fast & Furious

"Dom, how long have we been doing this?"
―Letty Ortiz to Dominic Toretto[src]

Letty hijacking a gasoline tanker

Letty, Dominic, and his new crew hijack a truck in the Dominican Republic, narrowly escaping. After Dom leaves her, she goes to FBI agent Brian O'Connor to clear Dom's name in order for him to return home. Brian consequently puts Letty undercover with Arturo Braga as a driver running drugs over the US-Mexico border. However, after the job is complete, she realizes that the leader of the team, Fenix Calderon, intends to murder the drivers: she escapes in her car.

However, she is chased by Calderon who manages to flip her car leaving her injured in the wreckage. As Calderon approaches intending to shoot her, he instead shoots and blows up the car after Letty crawled out of it. The explosion throws her into the underbrush, and Calderon leaves her for dead. Brian was left to assume that she had died, as did Dominic and Mia.


However, Letty is not killed by the explosion. Gisele Yashar, an employee of Braga, brings the wounded and amnesiac Letty to the hospital. She was found two days later in the hospital, by Owen Shaw, who had gone there to kill her. However, when he determined that she had no memory of her previous life, he decided she would be a good member on his team.

Fast Five

Letty is alive

When Dominic discovers Vince has associated himself with Hernan Reyes after attempting to steal the device in the GT40. Dominic accuses Vince of betrayal, but Vince defends his character, and makes a point to say that Dominic's failure to listen to him about Brian O'Conner resulted in the loss of their home, family, and the death of Letty.[3]

She was also mentioned by Dominic and Elena when they talk about their deceased loved ones.[3] Luke Hobbs is sitting at his desk at the DSS offices when U.S. Customs agent, Monica Fuentes, presents him with a file on a heist committed in Berlin. Attached to the file is a photograph of Letty[note 5] suggesting that not only is she alive but she is involved in large-scale criminal activity.[3]

Fast & Furious 6

"Just because you know how I ride. Doesn't mean you know me."
―Letty Ortiz to Dominic Toretto[src]

Letty stopping Owen Shaw

Hobbs approaches Dominic with the news that Letty is alive and asks him for his and his team's help in bringing down the international criminal Letty is working for: Owen Shaw. Dom agrees, only after Brian secures them full pardons for their assistance, although Dom had little interest in Shaw, which is shown during a chase scene in which he allows Shaw to escape in order to chase down Letty. After finally chasing her down Dom gets out of his car to speak to Letty. However, Letty shoots Dom before getting back in her car and taking off appearing to not recognize who he is.

When she arrives back to Shaw's lair, he questions her to see if she remembers Dom at all, to which she says she doesn't. Later, she meets up with Dom's team again, when going to investigate a phone call made by the man who made special vehicles for them. A shoot out ensues, in which her team mate, Ivory, is killed by Gisele. Letty tries to escape through the subways, but is followed by Riley. The two fight each other, and Letty tackles Riley down the stairs, and finally escapes on a subway train. She heads back to Shaw, and tells him that Ivory was killed, but his lack of caring frustrates her. Shaw then comes to her and tells her that he has a soft spot for her because she is a blank page who remembers nothing.

Letty tells him she needs some air and goes out. She is found by Dom at a race. The two race, and Letty, intrigued by Dominic, tells him to follow her. They meet up, and Dom tells her that he knows "everything" about her. He begins explaining the scars she has on her and how she got them. He also gives her the famous cross necklace. She grows emotional and leaves.

Later, Shaw asks her if she could kill Dom when the time comes, and she insist she can and even tells Shaw to keep the necklace. They continue with their plan, and attempt to hit up a convoy holding a chip that is worth billions. They steal a tank, and Shaw begins to run over innocent drivers. Letty is outraged at this and tells him that it was not part of the plan. Brian and Roman secure a car to the tank and use it as an anchor, hitting the car repeatedly to knock it off the bridge.

Shaw, angry, tells Letty to get on top of the tank and remove the cable before the car anchors them. She obeys, and is seen by Dominic who begins to drive faster, knowing that Letty will be killed once the car flips off the bridge. This is also known by Shaw who was using Letty to get to Dom. When the car flips and hits the bridge support, the tank flips and sends Letty soaring through the air. Dom speeds up and crashes his car into the railing of the bridge and catches Letty midair, they both crash into a car windshield, Dom looking at Letty, relieved she is uninjured.

Shaw is captured, and they all go back to the military base. When the guy in charge attempts to arrest Letty too for working with Shaw, Dom steps forward and says, "she's always been one of us". Brian then goes up to her to apologize, feeling that everything is his fault, to which she tells him that no one makes her do something she doesn't want to do.

She then goes to speak to Dom, and asks how he knew the car would break their fall to which he replies, "I didn't." They are interrupted after Hobbs brings Shaw in, who confesses to kidnapping Mia and demands to be released. Hobbs tells Dom that if they do that, they lose their full pardons, to which Dom agrees and Hobbs releases Shaw. He looks back and asks if "Babe" is coming, everyone looks at Letty for an answer, but is shocked when Riley steps forward saying, "Of course".

The team then prepares to save Mia, and Letty tells them that she is going with them. They all ride out, and Brian, Dom and Letty all get on the plane that Shaw is attempting to escape in. Letty then has another physical altercation with Riley, she is on the losing end until Hobbs tosses her a weapon, which she then uses to kill Riley and shoot her out of the plane. She and Hobbs escape, but Dom stays behind to secure the chip.

The plane eventually crashes, however they see Dom drive out of the plane. The team is relieved until the car flips. Letty searches the horizon for any sign of Dom and smile when she sees him walking out of the wreckage. She walks up to him and the two embrace. Holding hands, they walk back to Hobbs who asks what he would like as payment for getting the chip. Dom responds with, "1327", which is revealed to be his old address in the next scene.

The team is getting a BBQ together, and Hobbs arrives with Elena stating that they all are free. Letty thanks Elena for everything, saying she is an amazing woman. Elena tells Letty that Dom is an amazing man, and tells Letty to keep him out of trouble to which Letty laughs and tells her that that will never happen. Dom approaches Letty after they leave and asks if anything feels familiar. Letty tells him, no but that it feels like home. The two are last seen with Letty sitting on his lap as Roman says grace at the lunch table.

Furious 7

"Do you know how hard it is for me when you look at me and you see me through 15 years of memories? Every beautiful moment we've ever had. I see it in your eyes. I can't give that to you. I got nothing."
―Letty Ortiz to Dominic Toretto[src]

Letty and Dom marry

Letty and Dom head to Race Wars in Letty's Plymouth Barracuda with Dom intending to help jog Letty's, who is still suffering amnesia, memory. Dom and Letty arrive and are met by fans of theirs from The Fast and the Furious. Dom encourages Letty to enter a race in which she wins and is greeted by supporters of hers. Letty suffers a flashback to the explosion from Fast & Furious and she drives off. Dom catches up to her where she is visiting her grave in the cemetery and she decides to break up with Dom until she can get her memory back.

Letty tracks down a nurse from a hospital in Mexico and remembers being saved by Gisele Yashar after the explosion. A nurse recognises her and promises to find her file for her. Letty went over to 1327 to find Dom after Deckard Shaw blew up the house but no avail. Letty is then tracked down by Mr. Nobody and brought to his base of operations. Letty modifies a Dodge Challenger and travels with the rest of the crew to the Caucasus Mountains where they rescue Ramsey from a convoy being transported by Mose Jakande. Letty saves Brian from near-death when the bus goes over a cliff and the gang travel to Abu Dhabi to locate the God's Eye.

In Abu Dhabi, Letty is caught by Kara and the security team and engages in a fight with Kara which causes the tower to be locked down. After falling off a mezzanine, Letty is rescued by Roman before Deckard Shaw can take a shot on her. After returning to L.A. Letty is concerned that she'll never see Dom again but he gives her his cross necklace and tells her he'll be back. Letty receives a call from the hospital and the Nurse reveals that her file was unable to be found because it wasn't under the name "Letty Ortiz" but rather "Letty Toretto". Letty is the last to evade Jakande with Ramsey and eventually her car is destroyed and Dom is caught in a parking garage collapse. Letty reveals that she remembers everything and that they got married to which Dom states "it's about time".

A few weeks later, the crew have gathered on the beach where they say goodbye to Brian O'Conner who is retiring from the crew to focus on his family.

The Fate of the Furious

"I don't know what she's got in him. But that wasn't Dom."
―Letty Ortiz[src]

Letty modifying her car

Letty and Dom are on their long overdue honeymoon in Havana when Dom is coerced into a race by a local debt collector. Dom modifies his cousin's old car and races against the debt collector and wins the race using a trick taught to him by Brian. Letty follows the race on a motorcycle along with Dom's cousin. Letty and Dom celebrate the remaining days in Havana and Letty discusses the possibility of having a baby one day.

Dom and Letty are called by Luke Hobbs to Berlin where they break into a military base in their 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon's and steal an EMP. Letty can sense that Dom is not right but he tells her that he will see her "when it's done". Letty drives off and Dom turns on the crew, stealing the EMP, and delivering it to Cipher. Letty and the team bunker down in a hideout and are eventually tracked down by Mr. Nobody. Cipher and Dom break into Mr. Nobody's Base and Cipher kisses Dom to lessen Letty's trust in Dom.

The gang follow Dom to New York where Letty, in her 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Sting Ray, and the team chase after Dom who has stolen a Nuclear Football from the Russian Minister of Defence. Letty steals the briefcase but is held hostage in an alleyway by Connor Rhodes. Dom threatens Rhode's life if he hurts Letty and Letty gives them the briefcase and they leave.

The gang then decide to stop Dom and Cipher rather than relying on the Military and follow them to Vladovin where they chase after Dom and break into the submarine base to stop Cipher's attempts from releasing nuclear missiles. When Cipher tries to steal the submarine, Letty and the team race her to a sea lock where they attempt to stop the submarine from escaping.

Dom turns against Cipher after knowing his son is safe and blows up the submarine which Letty and the team save him from by barricading him with their cars. The team return to New York where Dom names his son Brian and they celebrate lunch together.


"There's peace for me in the chaos. I need to face the world head on, to feel alive."
―Letty Ortiz to Dominic Toretto[src]

Letty refuses to abandon their family

Letty and Dom live with Little Brian in isolation at a farmhouse in London and when they see an unfamiliar car approaching, they tell Brian to hide as they grab weapons from their gun safe to protect themselves. However it is revealed to be Tej, Roman and Ramsey who deliver news of Mr. Nobody's SOS message and the news that Cipher has been extracted from the plane.

Dom is reluctant to join the team now that he is a father but Letty says she is going anyway and leaves without him. The next morning Dom joins the rest of the team and they land in Montequinto where they scour the wreckage of Mr. Nobody's plane. They discover half of a device called Project Aries and Letty stores it in her Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron before fleeing from a group of military agents who ambush them for being in restricted territory. Letty is knocked off her bike and loses the device which is caught by Jakob Toretto who flees in his car. Letty joins Dom in his 2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat and they chase after Jakob who drives off a cliff and is caught by a plane with a magnet attached to it. Dom drives his car off the cliff and is caught on a rope from the old bridge and the car is thrown to another island and the car is destroyed.

Letty and Dom come face-to-face with Jakob

Letty and Dom meet Michael Stasiak on a plane to the Caspian Sea and take refuge in a bunker where Letty calls Mia who arrives. The team then split up and Letty and Mia go to Tokyo to find information about Han. While in Tokyo, they find Han's old garage, deeming it to be a dead end and then find an apartment with a Mexican flag in the window. They access the apartment and are met by Elle and the trio fight a group of rogue agents who are after Elle. When one tries to shoot Elle, Letty tackles him out of the window and is ambushed by the remaining guards who are shot by Han, who is still alive.

Letty, Mia, Han and Elle return to the Caspian Sea bunker and the base is infiltrated by Otto who is attempting to free Jakob. When Dom is thrown down a silo into the sea, Letty dives in to save him and they make the realisation that nothing is stopping Jakob and Otto and that they need to take them down. Letty drives a 1974 Chevrolet Nova SS and uses the magnets in the car to take out Otto's convoy and forcing powerlines to stop police cars from following them. Letty uses the magnets to throw a BMW at Sue and Dom then uses the car to break Jakob's fall.

All bets are off for Dom and Letty

When The Armadillo is destroyed by Dom, Letty pulls up and watches as he lets Jakob escape in his Dodge Charger. Letty returns to Los Angeles with Dom and Little Brian and plays a game with Brian and his toys. The family sit down for a barbecue and Letty asks Little Brian to say grace but Dom asks him to wait as there is an empty seat next to Mia. At that moment, a Nissan Skyline pulls into the driveway as Brian O'Conner arrives to join them.

Fast X



"Nobody makes me do anything I don't want to."
―Letty Ortiz to Brian O'Conner[src]

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"Pretty impressive driving out there."
Dominic Toretto[src]
  • Expert Driver: Like her husband Dominic, Letty is an extremely skilled race car driver. She was able to outrace a contestant at a race with relative ease and was recruited to be a part of Braga's drug cartel, which required driving prowess to cross the border at high speed. She was even a match for Dominic, narrowly losing to him in their one on one race in London, despite having held the lead for the majority of the race.
"That girl is one tough bitch."
Arturo Braga to Brian O'Conner[src]
  • Expert Combatant: Letty is also a capable fighter, skilled in Boxing and Street fighting tactics. She easily punched a security guard to the floor when they tried to stop Dominic from attacking Tran and also overwhelmed several security guards at a party. She also held her own against trained fighters Riley Hicks and Kara; she and the latter were so evenly matched that their fight ended in a draw when they crashed over a balcony and smashed through a table, both too dazed to keep fighting. She did struggle against Riley during their fight in the subway, Letty being overwhelmed, barely preventing the women from handcuffing her to a pole and narrowly escaped an arm lock imposed on her. She did manage to tackle her down a flight of steps though, recovering fast enough to escape as Riley was disorientated.
  • Expert Marksman: Letty is proficient in the use of firearms, shooting her opponents accurately.
  • Trilingualism: Letty speaks English, Spanish, and Japanese.



"What you're looking at is a 5.45-by-18 F.M.J. spitzer bullet. It's specific to one handgun: the P.S.M. Now, given that handguns are illegal in the United Kingdom, there's very few people that have access to that firearm."
Brian O'Conner to Dominic Toretto[src]

Letty firing her pistol at Dom

  • PSM: Letty's sidearm is a pistol loaded with 5.45x18mm full metal jacket spitzer rounds. She used it to shoot Dominic Toretto in his shoulder when she was working with Owen Shaw and his team.
  • Makarov PM: Letty used this pistol to fire at Riley Hicks, but she ran out of ammunition.
  • Glock 26: Letty armed herself with this pistol when she joined Dom's crew to fight Shaw and his minions on his aircraft. She struggled to use it against Hicks, and she disarmed her of it.
  • Ruger LC9s: Letty's new sidearm is a two-tone pistol. She attempted to use it on Connor Rhodes, but she was disarmed and held at gunpoint by the latter. She also resorted to the pistol when her rifle ran out of ammunition, but was intercepted so she attacked the separatists with loose glass.

Letty with her rifle at the naval base

  • TTI BCM TR-1 SBR: Letty brought this 7-inch rifle for the raid on the Russian naval base. The weapon is customized with a Magpul PMAG D-60 drum magazine, Larue Tactical 4XDOS mount, Trijicon VCOG, Offset RMR, Surefire X300 weaponlight and a Magpul sling. When she ran out of ammunition from firing at the separatists, she began to use it as a melee weapon until she resorted to her sidearm.
  • Plumett AL-52 Air Launcher: Luke Hobbs gave Letty, Tej Parker's harpoon gun, and she used it to kill Hicks by shooting her with it, causing her to fall out of the aircraft.

Vehicles Driven

Film Car
The Fast and the Furious 1997 Nissan 240SX
1993 Honda Civic EJ1
Fast & Furious 1970 Plymouth Road Runner
Fast & Furious 6 1971 Jensen Intercepter
2011 Dodge Challenger SRT
Furious 7 1970 Plymouth Barracuda
Dodge Viper SRT-10
The Fate of the Furious Local Motors Rally Fighter
Corvette Sting Ray
Dodge Challenger
F9 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron
1970 Chevrolet Nova SS






  • Michelle Rodriguez did not know Letty was actually alive until the end of Fast Five when she saw the movie in theaters.[4]
  • She is Right-Handed
  • Both she and Owen Shaw were pawns of Cipher and both of them were later redeemed at different times.


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