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"All this crew this is mine. I've been around the world"
―Leysa to Dominic Toretto

Leysa Mirtha is a former friend of Dominic Toretto and the sister of Cara Mirtha. At some point she and Cara met Dom in the Dominican Republic and they would assist him with stealing gas tankers for the people of the Dominican Republic. After this, Leysa stepped up in the world and became the leader of an all-female paramilitary group, with the help of Magdalene Shaw. She makes a minor appearance in F9.


Early Life

"If it wasn't for you, I'd still be stealing gas in the D.R."
―Leysa's past life

Leysa and her sister, Cara Mirtha met Dominic Toretto at some point prior to the events of Fast & Furious in the Dominican Republic where they hijacked gas tankers together. They kept in touch ever since. After this, Leysa formed an all-female paramilitary group.


"Dominic Toretto. Tell me, why is the best fruit always forbidden?"
―Leysa meets Dom

When Dom is brought to Hatfield House by Magdalene Shaw, he is greeted by Leysa who is attending Otto's party. When Dom is captured by Interpol, the agents reveal themselves to be Leysa and her team and she gives Jakob's gun to Dom which contains Jakob's biometric prints that they can track him with.







  • In an interview for F9, Cardi B revealed that Vin Diesel reached out to her management with the offer of a minor role in the movie that would become a bigger role in future movies, indicating that Leysa could return in Fast & Furious 10.