The Liberation of Magdalene Shaw was a mission undertaken by Deckard and Hattie Shaw to aid in their mother Magdalene's escape from a London prison facility.


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Magdalene Shaw speaking with her son Deckard

At some point within the two years of her meeting with Dominic Toretto, Magdalene Shaw was incarcerated, although she attempted to break out of prison a few times. In 2019, she was visited by her eldest child, Deckard Shaw, who informed her that her skills must have waned if she cannot successfully break out of such a facility, only for her to notify her son that she is comfortable within prison, considering it a form of retirement, although quickly adding that her liberation would be much easier if Deckard brought her a birthday cake with a nail file hidden inside of it. She then mentioned how she wished Deckard would visit her one day with his sister Hattie, as Hattie had cut off her family members after they turned to a life of crime.[1]


In the aftermath of the Battle of Samoa, in which Hattie and Deckard Shaw rekindle their familial bond, they pay Magdalene a visit in prison, where Deckard delivers Magdalene with a cake. Realizing that there is a nail file hidden within, she asks if her two children would assist in her escape, prompting Hattie to deliver her usual pre-combat line.[1]


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