A MAN KAT1 is a vehicle featured in Hobbs & Shaw. It is part of a family of high-mobility off-road trucks developed by MAN SE for the German army.


Hobbs and Shaw

A MAN KAT1 was kept at the Eteon Headquarters, which Hattie Shaw planned to use to escape the facility with. As she had left the virus extracting machine in the truck, the MAN KAT1 was commandeered by Luke Hobbs to escape from the building, ramming into two Land-Rovers. Deckard Shaw and Brixton Lore soon landed on the truck bed and began to duel, at which point Hobbs relieved operation of the vehicle to Hattie in order to aid Deckard. As Hobbs and Deckard had planted an explosive device within the building, its detonate caused rubble to fall on the truck, damaging it. Following their succesful escape from the facility, the MAN KAT1 was abandoned.[1]


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