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Montequinto is a fictional country located in Central America and is featured in F9.



After receiving a distress signal from Mr. Nobody, Dominic Toretto's Crew travel to Montequnito to scour the wreckage of his plane and find what Mr. Nobody has left for them.

Upon arriving in Montequinto, they find the wreckage of the plane and discover one half of Project Aries before they are ambushed by the Military who has the area locked down. The team are chased by the Military through a landmine which they avoid by driving at 80MPH. Roman's car is soon destroyed and he joins Ramsey and Tej in Tej's 2020 Jeep Gladiator where they are able to cross the border via an unstable bridge which is then destroyed.

The team are watched from afar by Jakob Toretto and after Letty is knocked off her motorcycle she loses the half of Project Aries and Jakob is able to grab it and drive off. Dom and Letty chase him in Dom's 2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat and Jakob drives his car off a cliff and is caught by a magnet plane and flown away.

To escape the Military, Dom drives his car towards the wreckage of the bridge and his car is caught on an old chain for the bridge which throws him across to another Island and thus the Military fly off after the team is out of their jurisdiction.

Michael Stasiak reassures the team that they are clear but the fact that a covert spy plane crashed and was followed by special ops recovery mission means he has to step back after getting them to the Caspian Sea.



  • The scenes for Montequinto were filmed in Thailand, however the cast were never in Thailand and their scenes were filmed on soundstages and green screen in London.