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"I ain't telling you shit."
―Oakes to Luke Hobbs[src]

Oakes[1] was a member of Owen Shaw's team who was captured in Moscow and became an informant for Interpol.



Oakes was presumably a member of Shaw's team when he attacked a major military convoy in Berlin, Germany in 2010[2], during Letty Ortiz's earliest tenure as a recent addition to the team. Two years later, Oakes and the other members of Shaw's team worked together to collect a series of major military and government components to create a Nightshade device that could take out the power grid of an entire country. Shaw's intention was to sell the Nightshade device to the highest bidder.[1] During a score in Moscow, Russia, Oakes was separated from the team and caught by Interpol.

Fast & Furious 6

Following Oakes arrest by Interpol, Riley Hicks was able to get a two minute meet for Luke Hobbs. When Hobbs demanded to know what Oakes knew about Owen Shaw and his location, Oakes declared that he wouldn't tell him anything.

Oakes is then violently interrogated by Hobbs until he reveals the location of Owen Shaw's hideout in London, England. Interpol and the local police converges on Shaw's hideout. Outside, Oakes is outfitted with a wiretap and sent in to speak with Shaw. When Oakes enters Shaw's hideout, he assures Shaw that he didn't tell Interpol anything.

However, Shaw already knows of Oakes' deception and throws him a bag of money, claiming it was his cut from the last job, with an additional cut for the next. Shaw tells him that it was "great running" with him before escaping in his customized ramp car. When Oakes opens the bag, he finds money and a bomb. After Interpol enters the hideout, he is told to drop the bag. Shaw detonates the bomb which sets off the remaining explosive set up around the parking garage. Oakes is killed in the explosion and collapsing building with numerous police officers. 





  • Oakes is played by stunt man and magician Matthew Stirling.
  • It is highly likely that Shaw knew that Oakes was wired through Riley.