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Otto’s Base of Operations is a private army base located in London, England. It is a major location in F9.



After escaping from Montequinto, Jakob is flown back to his base in London where he meets Cipher for the first time who is held hostage in a glass cage surrounded by lasers. Jakob instructs Cipher to use a computer he found on Mr. Nobody's plane to locate the second half of Project Aries which she tracks down in Edinburgh. Cipher tries to sway Jakob to work with her but he declines saying he doesn't work for the competition.

After Jakob is captured by Dom, Otto returns to his base and instructs their team to get cars and weapons to rescue Jakob. He finds a giddy Cipher who plays on his insecurities, swaying him into betraying Jakob and working with her instead.

After Otto double crosses Jakob, Cipher patches into Jakob's microphone and announces that she is "out of the box". When Otto’s right-hand man, Sue fails to kill Jakob, Cipher exclaims that she will "handle it" and flies in on a jet which is soon destroyed by Dom when he ricochets a truck into it. It is then revealed that Cipher is still in Otto’s base and is flying the jet via a simulator. She exits the simulator and slips away in defeat and frustration, indicating that she will be back again.



  • The base is located somewhere in London.