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"O'Conner, you're up."
―Penning in Fast & Furious

Penning is a main character in Fast & Furious and a member of the FBI who leads Brian O'Conner. Penning is portrayed by Jack Conley.


Fast & Furious

Penning leads a team, including Brian, to infiltrate Arturo Braga's drug cartel. He begins to grow frustrated when five of their undercover agents, including Letty Ortiz as murdered. After finding David Park, Penning instructs Brian to enter the street race to drive for Braga's cartel.

Penning begins to suspect that Brian is turning when he is spotted with Dominic Toretto in Mexico, and when Brian returns to the bureau he tells them that they have a meeting with Braga. Penning refuses to wait for Brian's signal and orders the agents to storm the meeting, and letting the true Braga to escape.