The Porsche Cayman is a minor car in The Fast and the Furious films.


This car can be seen three times. First, Gisele gets out of the Porsche at the entry-level race for Braga (thought to be campos at the time) and hands her keys to one of the henchmen just before Brian pulls up and talks to Dwight. Secondly on the garage Brian goes in with his blue Nissan Skyline, Brian is checked for chips in his car and he manages to destroy his just in time. While all that is happening, The Porsche can be seen in the background. The other time it's can see the car is when Dom and Brian are waiting for Gisele Harabo in the desert before heading to Mexico, Gisele shows up with her Porsche and gives Dom something that will help him get closer to Braga. Gisele says "Going in there is Suicide." and she leaves with her Porsche. It possibly survived after the events of the film.

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