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"Aries was designed to override and assimilate anything that runs on code. Any computer anywhere. If it operates on zeros and ones, it’s vulnerable. If you take Aries and upload it to a satellite, it’ll spread like a virus. Then it’ll be a matter of time before someone can control any weapon system… traditional, nuclear, stuff we haven’t even seen yet… and just point it wherever they want."

Project Aries is a dangerous weapons program which will allow the user to control all of the world's computers and advanced weapons systems when the two halves are joined together. It is the main plot point of F9.



For unknown reasons, the parents of Elle built Project Aries and split it into half. To avoid it being used by opposing threats, they locked it with their mixed DNA, meaning only they or their daughter could open it.

Mr. Nobody tasked Han Seoul-Oh to recover half of the device from the creators, so Han went to the home of the creators to acquire it. However rogue agents, sent by Otto, stormed the house and blew up the parents in their car so they could recover the device. Han watched as they attempted to kill the couple's daughter, Elle, and then saved her life. Mr. Nobody then determined that the device and Elle needed to be kept safe, as now Elle was the key to activating it, and so he faked Han's death and the pair went into hiding in Tokyo.

At some point, Mr. Nobody was able to reclaim half of the device from Han and whilst on a plane, in which he had also arrested Cipher, he is attacked by Jakob, with Cipher being extracted and the plane crashing.


During the plane crash, Mr. Nobody sent a distress signal to Dominic Toretto's Crew and Ramsey uses the signal to track down the location of the plane and find the first half of the device which Mr. Nobody hid for them to find to keep safe. The team are then attacked by the military for infiltrating protected area and they flee in their cars, with Letty Ortiz keeping the device in the storage compartment of her motorcycle. When Letty is knocked off her motorcycle the device falls out of it and is stolen by Jakob Toretto who flees and is caught by a magnet plane after driving off a cliff.

Jakob, who had also searched the plane for the device, gives Cipher, who is locked in a cage by Otto and Jakob, an ancient computer which she uses to find the location of the second half, a chapel in Edinburgh. Jakob uses a magnetic field in a truck to scramble security systems in the Chapel and he recovers the second half however after trying to flee in a stolen 2012 Toyota GT86, he is caught by Ramsey and they reclaim the second half.

When Otto and his men infiltrate the Safe House, they steal back the second half and flee with Elle who they learnt is the key to activating Project Aries. They release a satellite into space to act as a signal for Project Aries and once it is in orbit they activate the device and upload it to the satellite. Dom and his team are able to destroy the satellite, by sending Roman Pearce and Tej Parker into orbit in a Pontiac Fiero built by Sean Boswell, and reclaim the device and stopping Otto's plan.

It is unknown what happens to the device afterwards but it is likely destroyed.