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"I didn't trust them, but I trust you."
―Ramsey to Dominic Toretto's Crew[src]

Ramsey is a hacker and the creator of God's Eye, and a member of Dominic Toretto's Crew.



Ramsey is the creator of a hacking device known as the "God's Eye". The God's Eye is able to hack any brand of technology using a camera and feed information gathered back to its user under four minutes or less. While Ramsey was aware of the advantages that the God's Eye provided for both good and bad purposes, she could not destroy it.[2] Ramsey sent her the God's Eye to Abu Dhabi to her friend Safar, for safe keeping. She was later kidnapped by Mose Jakande's men. Traveling by road, Jakanade's men planned to bring her him, where they would later disappear to a secure location and torture her for information about God's Eye's whereabouts.

Furious 7

"Only one thing keeps a group like this together. Fear or loyalty? And I don't see one drop of fear among you all."
―Ramsey to Dominic Toretto's Crew[src]
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Ramsey is still being held captive by Kiet and his men when Dominic Toretto and his crew reach the Caucasus Mountains. The back of the transport she was held in was torn away, Brian O'Conner boarded the bus and rescued her. She was forced to jump from the vehicle onto Dominic's 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. On the hood of the car, Ramsey is almost killed by Deckard Shaw, who tried to run Dominic off the road.

Dominic uses the hydraulic system in the Charger to fling Ramsey up toward the sunroof of the car, where she climbs inside. Dominic and Ramsey are pursued into the forest by Deckard until Roman Pearce intervenes and drives Deckard off a steep incline. Back on the road, Ramsey and Dominic are cornered by Jakande and his personal convoy. Jakande tries to barter for Ramsey, allowing Dominic to escape with his life. Dominic, however, turns the car toward the edge cliff and advises Ramsey to put on an a helmet. Dominic drives the charger off the cliff, crashing the car to get away from Jakande. Ramsey passes out on the way down and later extracted from the vehicle by Dominic and the others.

When she regains consciousness, the team goes through the motions of making sure she was unharmed from the crash. Dominic asks about the location of the God's Eye, Ramsey admits that she sent the device to a friend Abu Dhabi. When Brian mentions that Jakande's men would've tortured her for that information, Ramsey tells him that she didn't trust Jakande's men, but she would be able to trust them, based on the loyalty they show toward each other.

When they arrive in Abu Dhabi, Safar explains that he sold the God's Eye to a Jordanian prince who wanted the device for a speed drive of Lykan HyperSport, one of most expensive cars ever built. Safar helps Ramsey and the others by getting them invited to the Prince's party in the third and tallest of the Etihad Towers.

She helped Tej Parker hack the security of the tower with the help of Letty Ortiz. For a time they were able to allow Brian and Dominic access to the Lykan HyperSport. However, when Letty was caught by Kara, one of the prince's security guards, the tower's security shut Ramsey and Tej out of the system. She and Tej fled the tower and regrouped with the others at Safar's garage. With the God's Eye back in their possession, Ramsey uses it to locate Shaw, who was hiding in an abandoned warehouse outside of the city. When Dominic, Brian and Mr. Nobody's attempt to kill Shaw without the others failed, they lost the God's Eye to Jakande.

Ramsey follows the others to Los Angeles, where the formulate a plan to hack her device to regain control. In order to do so, they would use Ramsey in a game of "hot potato". Ramsey accompanied Brain in his 2012 Nissan GT-R R35 when the mission began. Ramsey began hacking the God's Eye from Brian's car. Jakande picked up Ramsey's location using the God's Eye and pursued her using the remote controlled drone.

Brian passed her off to Roman Pearce and Tej, and she continued hacking the God's Eye until Jakande destroyed the radio tower she was using. With the connection lost, Tej and Roman avoided the drone for a time until they were forced to abandon their car. Ramsey was assumed dead by Jakande, unaware that the bridge Roman's car was destroyed under, hid Letty Ortiz's car, where Ramsey was taken.

When Ramsey questioned what they planned to do if their car was destroyed, Letty told her that "they were it". Ramsey and Letty continued to try and avoid the drone with little success. Letty's car was damaged by a missile and nearly destroyed were it not for the intervention of Luke Hobbs, who crashed the drone with a stolen ambulance. Ramsey is able to hack the God's Eye and regains control of her device.

Letty and Ramsey are fired upon by a vengeful Jakande, who tries to kill them. The combined efforts of Hobbs's and Dominic's intervention, prevented the terrorist from killing them both. After Jakande is killed by Hobbs and Dominic recovers from his second car crash, Ramsey joins the crew at on the beach some time later. She watches Brian play with his son, Jack and his girlfriend, Mia Toretto. When Dominic prepares to leave the group, Ramsey asks him if he plans on saying goodbye to them. Dominic tells her that it's "never goodbye" and leave the beach.

The Fate of the Furious

"We need to face facts. Dom did go rogue."
―Ramsey to Luke Hobbs[src]

Ramsey rides along with Tej in his 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and is shocked when she learns Dom turned on them. In the hideout, Ramsey and Tej hack into Dom's phone records to figure out who he's been conspiring with to steal the EMP, and Ramsey tells the team that it may be time to face the fact that Dom did go rogue, much to the anger of Letty.

Ramsey is brought to Mr. Nobody's base along with the rest of the team, there she learns that she is number 10 on Interpol's 10 most wanted list. In the base they discuss how to find Dom who is working with Cipher. Roman suggests using God's Eye but it fails because Cipher is using a flea relay. Ramsey and Tej are able to reverse the effects only to learn that Dom and Cipher are at the base and they infiltrate the base and steal God's Eye. Ramsey is seconds away from being killed by a bomb but is saved by Deckard.

Ramsey and Deckard work together and learn that Dom is travelling to New York City and the gang follow. In New York, Ramsey rides along with Tej in his 2016 Mercedes AMG GT S and monitors police scanners where she learns that Dom stole a nuclear football from the Russian Minister of Defence.

The gang travel to Vladovin to stop Dom from infiltrating a Military Base and she, Letty and Hobbs break into the control room to override the submarine's controls. Ramsey is locked out of the system by Cipher and she informs Tej that he needs to remove the trigger chips from the submarine. Ramsey rides with Letty in her Local Motors Rally Fighter and she directs the gang to the sea lock where they will attempt to close it so the submarine can't escape into open waters.

The gang return to New York to Dom and Letty's new apartment and have a barbecue together where Tej and Roman both ask Ramsey out. She tells them that can happen if they know her last name.


"This is a bad time to mention this, but I don't drive"
―Ramsey to Dominic Toretto
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Ramsey arrives at Dom and Letty's farmhouse in Thailand with Tej and Roman and shares the SOS video that Mr. Nobody sent to her before his plane crashed. She reveals that the plane crash landed in Montequinto and the team travel there to intercept the wreckage to find what Mr. Nobody was hiding for them. Ramsey then flees with Tej in his 2020 Jeep Gladiator and finds a bridge they can escape on however the bridge collapses as they drive over it.

Ramsey goes to the Caspian Sea with the rest of the team and finds information amongst Mr. Nobody's data that he was working with Han Seoul-Oh. As the team splits up, Ramsey goes to Edinburgh with Tej, Roman and Dom and uses biometric imprints to track down Jakob Toretto to a chapel where he steals the second half of Project Aries. After Ramsey sees Otto fleeing in his Jaguar, she is forced to drive a delivery truck containing an electromagnetic field to chase after him and stop him from helping Jakob escape.

Ramsey forces Otto off the road and then chases after Jakob and uses the magnet in the truck to apprehend him and deliver him to the Caspian Sea. Their base is infiltrated and Ramsey uses the magnet from the truck to cause a diversion and then flees with the rest of the team.

When Elle is kidnapped by Jakob and Otto, Ramsey rides with Letty in Tbilisi in her 1974 Chevrolet Nova SS and then boards The Armadillo with Dom to cancel the Project Aries upload to a satellite that Tej and Roman destroy in space.

Ramsey returns to Los Angeles with the rest of the team and attempts to talk to Tej and Roman who argue over food. As they sit down to a barbecue, Ramsey watches as Brian arrives in his Skyline.

Fast X



A woman dedicated to computers and programs, Ramsey views life from a "binary" point of view: A series of ones and zeros. She can easily deduce who she can or cannot trust using that point of view alone. She applied her thinking to Dominic Toretto's crew, deducing that only fear or loyalty was what kept a group like theirs together.[3]

In general, Ramsey is a strong willed and hardheaded individual, not unlike most in Toretto's crew. Her cockiness and self-assured personality will often rub people the wrong way. Fundamentally, she is a "good person" and is a loner, preferring to be on her own, uncomfortable with around groups. Ramsey's primary passion is that of technology and chiefly, hacking.[2] However, during the mission to find Decker Shaw and reclaim her God Eyes program, Ramsey comes to realized that she can't do everything alone and starts to understand teamwork. After completing the mission and feeling a bond with Dom's crew, Ramsey decided to join them permanently.


  • Master Hacker: To be added
  • Driver: To be added
  • Bilingualism: Ramsey speaks English and Spanish, as she translated a sign in Montequinto for Roman.



  • Unnamed (father)
  • Unnamed (mother)



Vehicles Driven

Film Car
Cargo Truck


  • Both Nathalie Emmanuel and her Fast & Furious character Ramsey do not have a drivers license.
  • There is a possibility that Ramsey's full name is Megan Ramsey. However, as of September 2021, this is yet to be confirmed.
  • There is a possibility that Ramsey will appear in the Female-led film.


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