Rio de Janeiro is the main setting of Fast Five.


Fast Five

Dominic Toretto and his team first hijack a train to steal some cars, along with a shady man, Zizi, who turns out to be a henchman of Hernan Reyes. Later, Dominic and Brian O'Conner are captured by Reyes, but they manage to escape.

Dom, Mia and Brian decide to pull one last job and invite Gisele Yashar, Han Seoul-Oh, Tej Parker, Roman Pearce, Tego Leo and Rico Santos to help them. Together they pull off various jobs until they steal a vault belonging to Reyes which contains 100 million dollars.

Along the way they reunite with Vince who is ultimately killed by Reyes men, and they are constantly targeted by DSS Agent Luke Hobbs and his partner, local cop Elena Neves who eventually decide to help the crew after they saved him from death.



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