Safar is a mechanic and Emirati-resident of Abu Dhabi. A minor character in Furious 7, Safar is Ramsey's friend and contact who takes brief responsibility of the God's Eye.[1]



When Ramsey needed to hide her hacking device, the God's Eye, she chose to send it to her friend, Safar, the only person she felt she could trust before she was kidnapped by Mose Jakande's men.[1] Safar was entrusted to keep the God's Eye safe. However, because Ramsey hid the hacking device in a speed drive, Safar labored under the assumption that Ramsey wanted him to sell the device. He gave it away to a Jordanian prince who was looking for a speed drive for his Lykan HyperSport.[1]

Furious 7

When Ramsey, Dominic Toretto and his crew arrived in Abu Dhabi, Safar met them out on the beach of the resort they chose to stay at. When he explained that he gave the God's Eye to the prince, he tries to make amends for his mistake. He manages to get Ramsey and the others invited to a party being held by the prince in the third and tallest of the Etihad Towers.[1]

When he learns of the disaster that happened at the prince's party, despite Ramsey's apologies, he berates them for ruining it after he got them invited to it. Safar is later kicked out of his garage when "Mr. Nobody" and Sheppard arrive to speak with Dominic about the God's Eye.


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