"Luke, this is your home."
Sefina Hobbs to Luke Hobbs[src]

Samoa is a group of islands in Polynesia, divided between American Samoa and the nation of Samoa. It is a country consisting of the western islands of Samoa.


Visited by the Dutch in the early 18th century, the islands were divided administratively in 1899 into American Samoa in the east and German Samoa in the west. After World War I, the nine western islands were mandated to New Zealand and became an independent republic known as Western Samoa within the Commonwealth of Nations in 1963. The country became known as Samoa in 1997.

Luke Hobbs' Childhood

Luke Hobbs was one of several boys born to an unnamed father and Sefina Hobbs, born and raised in Samao. Hobbs' father was a criminal who pulled many heists, and was absent in his children's lives. However, he returned to recruit his male children once they reached adolescence to recruit them into his crew, although he showed no familial love or respect for his sons when they were killed during heists. This prompted Luke to turn his father in to the authorities, in order to protect his remaining brothers, although his actions prompted his brothers, especially Jonah, to hate him. In response, Luke fled Samoa along with his sister and relocated to the United States of America. Some time after that, Jonah began a legitimate automotive custom shop, named Hobbs Customs, along with his brothers.[1]

Return of Luke Hobbs

Hattie and Deckard Shaw in Samoa

Hattie Shaw and Deckard Shaw joined Luke Hobbs in flying to Samoa in order to enlist the aid of Jonah Hobbs, a mechanic, who would be capable of repairing the virus extracting machine. However, Hobbs was not welcome back home, prompting Hobbs to implore to his family that they needed to put their past behind them since Eteon was capable of killing half of the planet's population.

The Hobbs family

After being goaded by the Hobbs matriarch, Sefina, the Hobbs family began to aid the Shaws, and the group spent all day creating a kill-box and planting holes and explosives for their upcoming foes. As Sefina had sold the family's firearms, the group armed themselves with traditional Samoan weapons.[1]

Battle of Samoa

Luke Hobbs participates in the Battle of Samoa

As Brixton Lore and the Eteon soldiers approached the Hobbs residence, Luke Hobbs gave a Samoan war cry along with his brothers, triggering the Battle of Samoa. Since the extraction process took thirty minutes, Hattie Shaw sat out most of the battle, although she was forced to join when she was attacked by Eteon soldiers. While she succeeded in disarming a number of the soldiers, she was soon apprehended by Brixton, who kidnapped her and brought her to his helicopter, forcing Deckard Shaw, Hobbs and his brothers to attach their trucks to the helicopter to prevent it from taking off, causing it to crash. The Samoan warriors managed to force the remaining Eteon soldiers into surrendering, garnering them a victory.[1]


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