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The Season 3 of Fast & Furious: Spy Racers (titled Fast & Furious: Spy Racers – Sahara) premiered on Netflix on December 26th, 2020. Consisting of eight episodes, the season concluded on the same day it premiered.


When the menacing Cleve Kelso and his experimental storm satellites take down Ms. Nowhere and Gary during an operation in North Africa, Echo steps up as de facto leader, much to Tony's chagrin, and the Spy Racers embark on a dangerous mission across the Sahara. Will they be able to save their crew or will Kelso and his league of villains be too powerful for the Spy Racers to survive in the harsh desert?


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Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
The Giant Haboob.png The Giant Haboob December 26th, 2020 17 3.01
Tony can't figure out why Echo was picked over him for spy school. Ms. Nowhere and Gary pursue a trio of familiar villains in Africa.
The Dead End.png The Dead End December 26th, 2020 18 3.02
Echo leads the Spy Racers to the Sahara to find Cleve Kelso, but when they're all captured, Layla and Tony must win a dune buggy race for their freedom.
The Empty Well.png The Empty Well December 26th, 2020 19 3.03
The Spy Racers help a village with a water well that's run dry. Meanwhile, Ms. Nowhere and Gary try to make contact from the middle of... nowhere.
The Hunt.png The Hunt December 26th, 2020 20 3.04
With Kelso's lair in their sights, the team gets dragged into an epic dune buggy chase through the desert. Layla clashes with an old enemy.
The Bedouin Shield.png The Bedouin Shield December 26th, 2020 21 3.05
A hurricane in the Sahara? The team finds shelter with a group of Bedouins to escape a storm's wrath. Ms. Nowhere and Gary make an unexpected discovery.
The Eye of the Sahara.png The Eye of the Sahara December 26th, 2020 22 3.06
As Kelso closes in on his evil goals, the Spy Racers face a tough decision in the remote desert. Will they follow their heads or their hearts?
RoboCleve.png RoboCleve December 26th, 2020 23 3.07
Minus one key member, the team makes a final push to infiltrate Kelso's base to stop him from unleashing his diabolical plan.
Sirocco Fire Explosion.png Sirocco Fire Explosion December 26th, 2020 24 3.08
The showdown in the Sahara comes to a fiery end when a swirling megastorm threatens to take out everything in its path -- including the Spy Racers.