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The Season 4 of Fast & Furious: Spy Racers (titled Fast & Furious: Spy Racers – Mexico) premiered on Netflix on April 16, 2021. Consisting of eight episodes, the season concluded on the same day it premiered.


After being framed for a crime that they had no involvement in prior, Ms. Nowhere and Tony's crew flee to Mexico to find the real culprit, clear their names, and flee Palindrome, the unstoppable super-agent hunting them down.


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Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
Chasing Phantoms Screencap 01.png Chasing Phantoms April 16, 2021 25 4.01
Ms. Nowhere is rewarded with a party at headquarters when a worldwide chase leads to a big capture. But the celebration may be short-lived.
The Convoy Screencap 01.png The Convoy April 16, 2021 26 4.02
Frostee works to bring Ms. Nowhere and the Spy Racers to safety. And now that the agency had turned on all of them, it's time to go rogue.
The Fugitives Screencap 01.png The Fugitives April 16, 2021 27 4.03
On the run and facing a shortage of money, the crew turns to what they do best-racing!-to earn enough cash to get them to Mexico City.
Thats A Moray Screencap 01.png That's a Moray April 16, 2021 28 4.04
Ms. Nowhere and the Spy Racers crash a masquerade ball in Mexico City when stolen artifacts clue them in about who might have framed them.
The Ocelot King vs El Mariposa Screencap 01.png The Ocelot King vs. El Mariposa April 16, 2021 29 4.05
As Ms. Nowhere and Echo confront Palindrome, Cisco tracks down Tuco in the wrestling ring, and Layla tells Frostee she feels unwanted on the team.
The Siege Screencap 01.png The Siege April 16, 2021 30 4.06
Trapped inside a hauler, the whole crew needs help as the authorities close in on them-and-their hopes may rest on the newest member of the family.
Into the Labyrinth Screencap 01.png Into the Labyrinth April 16, 2021 31 4.07
The Spy Racers are once again racing agaist the clock, this time to stop Mexico City from being destroyed by Moray's fiery volcano machine!
Dont Go Chasing Lavafalls Screencap 01.png Don't Go Chasing Lavafalls April 16, 2021 32 4.08
Deep in lava-filled tunnels under the city, the Spy Racers make one last stand against Moray to stop his evil plan once and for all.





  • On April 15, 2021,Jorge Diaz gave an exclusive interview with CBR,where he talked about his character's increased role, the series' addition of Danny Trejo as his character's Uncle Tuco and the surreal nature of joining the Fast & Furious family.[1]
    • Diaz teased that this season, viewers get to to learn more about Cisco's family, and mentioned how ge got to meet Dann Trejo briefly when he was recording, and that he was quite starstruck because he had no idea, as they didn't tell him in advance.[1]
    • Diaz got a sneak peek at some of the episodes Trejo is in and admits that they're so fun![1]
    • For Diaz, what makes Cisco still such a fun character for him to record lines for is that Cisco has a lot of heart and he's kind of a goofy character. He is also physically demanding, as he's a big dude, but he's a softie on the inside. Diaz further states how he feels like he gets to bring in a lot of his personality because in real life, Diaz, like Cisco is a big softie.[1]
  • Also on April 15, 2021, Big Show spoke to Screen Rant about infusing all of Palindrome's physicality into his voicework, his character's push-and-pull dynamic with Ms. Nowhere, and what to expect in the fourth season.[2]
    • The way in which Big Show was brought into the show was through his agent, who said, "Hey, there's an opportunity to be a part of The Fast and Furious franchise. Initially he was apprehensive because he thought it was for the live-action projects, and he had just gotten a hip replacement three weeks earlier. But once he got more information, he was all for it.[2]
    • In regards to the character of Palindrome, which he is voicing, Big Show said that this guy is just a lot of fun. But the thing he loves the most about his character is the hair its creators drew on him.[2]
    • He also enjoyed how Palindrome's relationships with Gary and Julius evolved with each episode. As well as his relationships with Ms. Nowhere, Tony and his crew.[2]