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Sheppard was the right-hand man of Mr. Nobody who led a covert ops team to help Dominic Toretto's Crew fight against Deckard Shaw.


Furious 7

Following Dominic Toretto's pursuit of Deckard Shaw during the funeral proceedings of Han Seoul-Oh, Sheppard and his men attack Deckard. They fire on him, effectively running Deckard off before he can shoot and kill Dominic.[1]

His superior, Mr. Nobody, asks that Dominic release Sheppard before he passes out. Dominic obliges Mr. Nobody's request, releasing Sheppard from his grip. Once Mr. Nobody smooths things over between them and Dominic, Sheppard follows them to back to their headquarters. When Dominic's crew arrives at their headquarters, Sheppard and Mr. Nobody give the group the layout of what they face on the Caucasus Mountains, where Mose Jakande's men were currently traveling with the captive Ramsey.[1]

He objects to Roman Pearce's idea to enter the mountain trail where they cannot access it by road, but Roman's plan is followed with the help of an air drop provided by Mr. Nobody's resources. In Abu Dhabi, Sheppard participates in mission to capture Deckard Shaw. Sheppard uses the God's Eye to locate Shaw in the abandoned warehouse where he was initially pinpointed by Ramsey. Sheppard is killed during a shootout by Jakande. Mr. Nobody tries to avenge his death by killing several of Jakande's men before being wounded himself. Brian O'Conner and Dominic are unable to retrieve the God's Eye from Sheppard's body, and they are forced to leave him and the device behind to Jakande while carrying Mr. Nobody.[1]