Portrayed by Ted Levine
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Occupation Sergeant in the Los Angeles Police Department
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Partners Brian O'Conner (formerly)
Out of Universe
Film(s) The Fast and the Furious

Sergeant Tanner is police officer and a supporting character in The Fast and the Furious.


The Fast and the Furious

He and Bilkins was assigned to oversee the LAPD-FBI task force in charge of apprehending Dominic Toretto and his crew, local street racers they suspected were behind multiple semi-truck hijackings in the Los Angeles area.

He and Agent Bilkins supervised Brian O'Conner's activity during his undercover operation regarding Dominic Toretto. Despite his confidence in Brian's ability to maintain his cover and focus on his objective, Bilkins was up front about expressing his doubts about Brian's ability to complete the operation.

Brian's repeated stalls during the operation frustrated Bilkins, who was ready to take Dominic down. Despite the reveal of Dominic's violent past, Brian failed to produce the evidence Bilkins and Tanner needed. Though Brian manages to arrange an arrest for Johnny Tran, Tran is found not guilty of any crimes.